Centre for All Interacting Evolving Systems Science (AIESS)

(From an anthropocentric to all interacting systems perspective of education, research, practice, and policy)

The Centre dedicates itself to education, research, practice and policy to facilitate building of sustainable ecological systems from a "all interacting systems" perspective. Each of the dimensions for integrations for sustainability shall include internal design and interconnecting systems that are consistent with each other and with the " all interacting systems " perspective. In addition to action research and policy advice; the Centre shall teach and train young and experienced to build sustainable community systems and sustainable ecological systems, preferably in their respective habitat-ecosystems.

The Centre shall take forward the action research and empirical studies that have been supported largely by NABARD over the last 10 years. The finding of the studies and action research provide simple transition strategies at a cluster/community level where all the three aspects of social, economic and environment can converge and the SDGs can be achieved manifold within a period of about 7 years using the existing budget of respective governments or with minimal additional budget. The Centre will take the research forward and help in replicating ecologically sustainable community systems at GP/Ward level and saturate them in respective districts across the country.

The above "Centre for All Interacting Evolving Systems Science" shall integrate six critical dimensions that form the pillars of an ecological system or the habitat. The dimensions for study and integration include (1) Ecology, (2) Governance, (3) Organization, (4) Production (primary-secondary-tertiary), (5) Institutions, and (6) Relationships.

International Symposium on Regenerative Ecosystems scheduled on 29-30 November, 2022

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