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Online Certification program on HR Analytics for Executives

Online Certification program on HR Analytics for Executives

Online Certification program on HR Analytics for Executives

About School of HRM XIM University

The School of Human Resource Management owes its origin to XIMB’s HR specialization program. It continues the legacy of shaping HR professionals since 1987. These students are grounded in the vision and values of excellence and ethics set by the XIM University. The curriculum is recognized by Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA as confirming with global standards.

Since its inception in 1987, XIMB has offered a functional specialization in HRM in the PGDM program. A full-fledged 2-year PGDM-HRM program was launched in 2011. This is now offered as MBA-HRM, the flagship program of the School of HRM.

At the School of Human Resource Management, the focus is on grooming highly effective and competent human resource professionals with a holistic understanding of business, society and government. We empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and long-term vision that leads to innovation, service to society and growth. We groom visionary, competent, committed, compassionate and value-based business leaders.

About the Certification Program:

The traditional function of human resource management has gone through a wave of metamorphosis in terms of its function and application in the wake of recent shift towards evidence-based management and data analytics. HR has been supported in this exciting journey through the user-friendly software packages, ranging from the more commonly known ones such as MS Excel to the more advanced ones such as R, PYTHON, SAS, SPSS, RapidMiner and others have lent a good hand in crunching the data and finding interesting inter-relationships hidden in the data.

This short-duration certification program focuses on orienting HR professionals in “HR/People Analytics”, with an aim to provide a hands-on experience in some of the key HR analytics application areas such as predicting which candidates may accept or reject joining offer, understanding which training and development method is better in terms of employee output, identifying the star employees and attrition/talent retention analysis, to name a few. Participants would learn how to make HR related data clean and fit for subsequent use, how to visualize the data using one of the most popular tools – Power BI, and how to use predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics tools such as R and Python to drive data-driven insights to aid in their decision-making.


A certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who attend the complete duration of the program and submit the capstone project in time from XIM University Bhubaneshwar. Those who do not submit the project on time will receive only certification of participation.

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