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Core Committees

Alumni Committee (HRM)

The Alumni Committee of School of Human Resource Management strives to build, maintain and promote the fulfilling association of the university with a huge HR alumni network under the umbrella of the “Xavier HR fraternity” by engaging them through various initiatives.The events which have been conducted in the academic year 2021-2022.





25th July, 2021

The HR Alumni Committee welcomed Ms. Prakreeti Prasanna (Senior Analyst, Deloitte India    (office of the US) and Mr. Bharat Mathur (Associate Manager Human Resources, Adani Group) on 25th July 2021 to guide the students by sharing the experiences and insights of their journey into the corporate world.



19th,20th &21 August, 2021

The HR Alumni Committee introduced LeadX series-2021, a leadership connect series that featured some of the prestigious Alumni of the Institute, who helped students understand corporate psychology through their knowledge and experiences.



August 21, 2021

The HR Alumni Committee got the privilege to host Mr. Rakesh Dhal on August 21, 2021, on the flagship event LeadX’ 2021. It was an enlightening experience for 1st year HRM students as it gave them the opportunity to learn and gain brilliant insights regarding “Business Partnering in a Hybrid World”.



5th September, 2021

HR Alumni Committee hosted Mr. Binayak Mohanty as an esteemed speaker to the second session of LeadX-2021. The topic for the session was – “Gamification in Talent Acquisition.”



16th October, 2021

HR Alumni Committee got the privilege to host Ms. Surbhi Gupta on October 16, 2021, in the series of the flagship event for Xplorate 2021.The topic of the session was- ‘Innovate and Excel by Staying Curious.’


Alumni Interaction Session

24th October, 2021

XIM HR Alumni Committee in collaboration with XIMB Alumni Committee, hosted Mr. Shiv Taneja and Mr. Rushin Pandya on 24th October 2021, in an Interactive Alumni Session. It was an enlightening experience for the 2nd year students as it allowed them to connect on a wonderful experience-sharing session.


Xplorate 21

20th & 21st November , 2021

HR Alumni Committee hosted Mr. Sudeep Patnaik- HR Director- India & Group TA Director at TDCX on 20th November 2021, in the series of the flagship event for Xplorate 2021. The topic of the session was- ‘Innovate and Excel by Staying Curious.’


Sanidhya 21

5th December, 2021

XIM HR Alumni Committee returned after long with Sanidhya 21 announced open. Students could interact with the alumni, go down memory lane with the alumni, and take in the memorable experiences they had. The HR Alumni Committee was delighted to host “Gajendra Verma,” the teen music sensation, in collaboration with Jrny Entertainment.

The HR Alumni hosted Atul Khatri, the sensational stand up comedian known for his exhilarating stand-up comedy performances. It was an evening filled with some rib-tickling comedy and people laughing their hearts out while reminiscing the good old times.


Xplorate 21

28th December , 2021

The HR Alumni Committee hosted Mr. Ayaskant Sarangi (batch of 1996-1998)- CHRO of Wipro with an industry experience of more than two decades in HR and responsibilities at Ge, Infosys and L&T on 28th December 2021, in the series of the flagship event for Xplorate 2021. It was an enriching experience for the HRM students as the speaker emphasized on the role of HR.



10th July, 2022

The XIM HR Alumni Committee organized “Tathagat”, an event that provides a platform for first-year HRM students to gain valuable insights from the experiences of its newly graduated alumni. It got the privilege to host Mr. Avirup Ghosh (He/Him) and Ms. Palak Batra of the batch of 2020-2022 on July 10, 2022.



Alumni committee (RM):

The RM Alumni Committee is a student-driven body established to foster and sustain this ever-strengthening bond between our esteemed alumni and the alma mater – School of Rural Management, XIM University. The various events and initiatives of the committee to achieve its goals include XpectRM – the Annual Rural Leadership Summit, Alumni Meet, Industry Connect Series, Safarnama, and the ‘Dighir Ganguly Memorial Stall’ is set up during Gramotsava in the fond memory of our Alumni Late Dighir Ganguly.



ICT 1- Future direction in development

25th July, 2021

The RM Alumni committee organized a talk on the topic of “future direction in development: beyond target and goals”. It was by alumni Mr Amritanshu Choudhary from Tata Trust, Ms Pragnya Das from world bank and Mr Gajendra Prasad Singh from WASH.



31st July,2021

The RM alumni Committee organized Safarnama. Ms Richi Mohanty, Mr Vishes Kumar Jena, Ms Barsha Bismita, Ms Raktima Das and Mr Anindya Shankar Dash from the batch of 2018-20 joined us, shared their experiences and the memories they created through their journey.



1st August,2021

The RM Alumni Committee conducted Connect Talk, on 1st August 2021. The topic of discussion was “Rekindling marketing:what goes behind branding”. The session was delivered by  Mr.Abhishek Kher, a notable alumni from the batch of ‘03.


Launch of Alohomora

14th December,2021

The annual magazine “Alohomora” was prepared by the RM Alumni committee for its launch during XpectRM. It serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of networks.



25th March,2022

The RM Alumni Committee hosted the annual leadership summit ‘XpectRM21’. The event is aimed to provide a comprehensive view on the various related areas of rural management, from rural inclusive finance, development policy , livelihood and rural marketing to social business and entrepreneurship. The theme for the year was ‘Holistic Approaches – Need of the Hour.’



2nd April,2022

The Rural Management Alumni Committee organized ‘XIMFARE 2022’ – the farewell program for the outgoing MBA-RM batch of 2020-2022 on 2nd April 2022. The theme for this year’s farewell was ‘Bollywood Night’, and both the batches were dressed according to the theme.


30th April,2022

The RM Alumni Committee launched the yearbook ‘Pratibimb’ for the graduating batch on 30th April 2022. The aim of this event was to reflect the beautiful memories and inspiring footprints that our seniors leave us to follow.


Volunteering for HCL Grant Edition VIII Symposiums:

20th May, 2022

The members of the RM Alumni Committee volunteered for the Edition VIII symposiums of the HCL Grant held for 95 NGOs at XIM University. Here, the Committee members got the opportunity to interact with various eminent personalities.


Simulation Game(Game on rural livelihoods)

22 June,2022

The incoming batch of MBA-RM (2022-24) will be boarding the “Simulation Game” (game on rural livelihoods) on June 22nd as a part of their orientation.


Alumni talk – ‘The Overview of Consulting in the Sanitation Sector’:

9th July, 2022

The RM Alumni Committee organized an interactive session on “The Overview of Consulting in the Sanitation Sector” with EY for the batches of 2021-2023 and 2022-2024 from the School of Rural Management, XIM University. The session was held by Ms Barsha Bismita and Mr Sandipan Sarangi from, TSU- FSSM at EY.


Alumni Committee (SM)

The Alumni Committee plays a very crucial role in the School of Sustainability as the supportive and engaged alumni network highly contributes to the success of our school as well as XIM University. They aim to maintain strong and mutually beneficial ties between the alumni and students and give a platform for delivering ideas and experiences of our esteemed alumni and help students gain knowledge from their experiences.




World Environment Day

5th June, 2021

The World Environment Day was jointly held by Alcom and Conxerv on 5th June 2021 and it was fruitful as the speakers shared their unique perspectives towards ecological restoration. The speakers were Mr. Sankeet Tripathy and Miss Niharika Parashar.


Alumni Talk

23rd October, 2021

An alumni talk with Ankita Sinha on ESG Analytics and Road Ahead was held on 23 October 2021.


Symposium 2022

2nd April, 2022

The alums invited were Shubhankar Biswal and Saumya Nautiyal. Shubankar touched upon topics such as CSR and Consulting, CSR Management Life Cycle Impact map and impact evaluation. Saumya shared her insights about monitoring and evaluating of any project, & her role as a young professional at NITI Aayog.


Farewell 2022

23 April, 2022

Farewell, 2022 was conducted on 23rd April 2022. Both the juniors and seniors interacted and had a fun time. We conducted many fun events such as “know your teacher/subject” and “coffee with SM.”


Alumni Committee (UMG)

The SHS Alumni Committee works to nurture and strengthen the bond between the School and its graduates.The School endeavors to support their progress through networking events, continuing education and research and Live Project support as needed. They interact with the School, its students and faculty through return visits, reunions and Alumni Meets, chats Around the Coffee Table (ACT), specialized talks, and other events.



Alumni Talk

17th July,  2021

The Alumni Committee of School of Human Settlements held an alumni talk on 17th July,2021 which was addressed by Amit Kumar (UMG, Batch – 2016-18) currently working in PwC as a senior associate.


Alumni Talk

11th December, 2021

The Alumni Committee of School of Human Settlements, XIM University held an Alumni Talk on 11th December, 2021 which was addressed by Mitra Bhanu Satapathy who is currently working as a Consultant, Government Advisory Domain at PwC.


Alumni Committee (MBF)

Alumni committee of MBF conducts various activities and events like Alumni meet, Research work with Alumni, Reunion and Various Interactive sessions with the alumni to give the students an insight on how to make good decisions and various life lessons that they might want to know.



Alumni Talk

18th july 2021

The Alumni Committee of SOC, XIM University conducted an Alumni talk for the batch of 20-22. The event focused on esteemed Alumni sharing their experience at XIM and guidance to achieve successful professional careers.


Alumni Talk

31st October 2021

The Alumni Committee of MBF from the School of Commerce conducted the Alumni talk for the batch of 2022 and 2023.The event was all about the experiences and the journey of the speakers who were once a part of MBF.


MBF Fiesta

29th March, 2022

Alcomm in collaboration with InfinX conducted MBF Fiesta’22 – the celebration of the first ever Batch of MBF to secure 100 percent summer internship.


International Relations Committee(IRC)

IRC of XIM University promotes the exchange of ideas among students in order to encourage a better understanding, and appreciation for people of different cultures of the international community, while also promoting the university on the global platform.



20th July, 2021

The International Relations Committee conducted a webinar on the topic- Impact Investing, Venture philanthropy & Impact Capital. The chief speaker was Prof. Tommaso Saltini, a professor of Impact Investing & Investment Promotion Expert.



Collaborative Online International Learning(COIL)

31st August, 2021

XIM University, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with San Diego State University (SDSU), California conducted the second Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).Prof. Zohir Chowdhury from SDSU and Prof. Elizabeth Abba from XIM University enlightened the students regarding the same.


Collaborative Online International Learning(COIL)

5th October, 2021

The COIL collaboration with XIM University(New campus), Bhubaneswar and San Diego State University had its final joint session and with that the COIL joint classes came to an end. Students learnt about the Impacts of Climate change in India and USA.


MindXpedia 2.0

3rd & 26th February, 2022

IRC XIM University conducted MindXpedia 2.0. An opportunity for all the B-school competition enthusiasts to fight for a reason and take a stand on world issues.


Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop

7th to12th March, 2022

XIM University’s international partner, the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Antwerp is organizing ‘International-Week’ on Sustainability. The workshop oversaw the participation of about 30 students from 5 different continents.



Spin the globe

29th July, 2022

IRC conducted the Spin the globe event in 2 rounds. First round was a business quiz and the selected groups presented a case study.



XIM University, the Media, and PR cell is a core committee dedicated to advancing, and elevating the image of the University.This is the vertical responsible for ensuring the availability of resources during the events.This vertical is responsible to carve out all the content that needs to go out to as press releases, mailers or any other content required on social media.





27th and 28th June, 2021.

RendezvouX for Human Resource Management and Rural Management batch served as an opportunity for the candidates to gel with soon-to-be batchmates and get the answers to all their queries before embarking upon their experience in the upcoming two years.



8th August, 2021

RendezvouX for Sustainability Management, Commerce and Human Settlements served as an opportunity for the candidates to gel with soon-to-be batchmates and get the answers to all their queries before embarking upon their experience in the upcoming two years.



Workshop – “Leveraging LinkedIn To Build a Career”

9th October, 2021

IlluminatiX, hosted Ms. Swati Jena, the founder of WriteFor and The Baniya Company. During the session, the speaker shared practical inputs on how to build visibility and credibility on LinkedIn. The students participated and interacted with the speaker throughout the workshop and the Q&A session.


Communiqué-The Annual Media Conclave

29th January, 2022

luminatiX held The Annual Media Conclave,the theme for the year was “Needs vs. Wants- A Media Dilemma.”The speakers for the event were Mr. Gurbir Singh (Consulting Editor at the New Indian Express), Mr. Nikhil Chandwani & Ms. Arushi Sana(co-founder of NYK DAILY) and Mr. B.V. Rao (TV9 Brand).


TEDx XIMUniversity

13th February, 2022

IluminatiX hosted its flagship event of the year- TEDxXIMUniversity on 13th February, 2022. The theme for this year, ‘Fortifying Futures’ aimed to provide young professionals with the knowledge and experiences to tackle the challenges they will encounter in the coming days, making them future-ready.



4th & 5th June, 2022

RendezvouX 2022 was held for the 2022-2024 batch of Human Resource Management and Rural Management. It was the first interaction of the batch with the University. The event included fun-filled activities and fruitful interaction with the batch.


Sports Committee





29th August, 2021

The sports committee conducted BlitzX to mark the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand which also happens to be national sports day, a virtual war consisting of 2 games, BGMI and LUDO.


Housie Night 2021

1st October, 2021

The Sports Committee works with the motto of “play with passion” and with the aim to provide an opportunity to one and all who would love to have fun and be away from the scheduled life. So the sports committee launched  the year’s most awaited event ‘HOUSIE NIGHT’  for both the SENIOR and JUNIOR batches.


Yalgaar- The War Within!

30th October & 1st November, 2021

This year, SportsCom conducted “YALGAAR – The War Within” – the most awaited sports event of 2021. It was organised on 30th October and 1st November, 2021. It consists of 3 games- Check-mate, Sports Trivia and Push your Limits.



11th & 12th december, 2021

SportsCom XIM University conducted it’s first offline indoor event X-Wars: The Table Wars on 11th and 12th December, 2021.We witnessed a thrilling showdown between all the participants coupled with endless and overwhelming support from all the spectators present at the event.


Seal the Deal 2.0

7th & 8th February, 2022

SportsCom XIM University conducted it’s most challenging and exciting event of the year -Seal The Deal 2.0 on 7th and 8th February, 2022.We witnessed a rip-roaring showdown among 14 teams from which 8 teams went forward towards the main event i.e, Auction Round.


Smash it!

28th March,2022

SportsCom, XIM University  concluded its first offline event of the year 2022 – SMASH IT! We saw some exhilarating and nail-biting performances from the participants.


Social Responsibility Cell (SRC)

The Cell’s trademark of “social responsibility” goes beyond general notions attributed to charity; rather we uplift the decorum, efficiency, and sustainability of people, and communities around us. Our community-giving is centered on educational, and workplace willingness, student volunteerism, and ecological sustainability.



8th July, 2021

The event took place in 2 phases: a Donation Drive and a Food Distribution Program. SRC, in collaboration with Silver Stick Bhubaneswar, organized a Food Distribution Program, across the slums of Sailashree & Niladri Vihar along with Behera and Gonda Sahi, Nayapalli. This was our small effort, to take a bite out of hunger. Volunteers distributed the food packets across the slums.



8th August, 2021

The Social Responsibility Cell of XIM University through “Khwahish” conducted numerous activities which included passing the parcel, storytelling, and plantation drive. It was an immense pleasure to see the wrinkled lines breaking into beautiful smiles which say it all.


Paw Chronicles

9th to 16th October, 2021

Paw chronicles was an initiative by SRC for the welfare of the voiceless. Helping those who can’t ask for help themselves is the noblest of deeds.



12th November, 2021

SRC organized ‘Anugrah’ for the unsung heroes of XIM University. The idea behind the event was to bring a smile to their faces, who work day in and day out to make our campus life worth remembering.



Blood Donation Camp

10th December, 2021

SRC, in collaboration with UG SRC, successfully conducted a Blood Donation Camp.


Pink Day

11th march, 2022

It was a day filled with dance, music, laughter and so many stories to tell. SRC organized ‘Pink Day,’ an event for the female workers of XIM University to celebrate the joy of being a woman. The event brought a huge smile to the faces of these strong and beautiful ladies.




26th March, 2022

The Social Responsibility Cell of XIM University successfully organized Drishti, a free eye check-up camp, in collaboration with Care Netram, for the faculty members, the students, and the working staff of the institution.