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Management Development Programs


Management Development Programmes (MDP): 

The Institute offers Management Development Programmes, designed to provide training to enhance/upgrade knowledge in both the corporate and the social sectors. The focus of these Programmes is to equip the professionals in the corporate and the developmental sectors with appropriate skills and attitudes which would add value to their optimal potential and help them achieve the organisational objectives, keeping in mind the societal needs. The Management Development Programmes encompass areas such as Organisation Management, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, HRD and Rural Management and Developmental Programmes focused on the NGO Sector with the focus on the synergy between the participant’s personal growth and the organisational development. The Training Programmes are conducted by experienced faculty members of the Institute who have expertise both in the corporate and academic field.

Program Fee: 

XIM University applies a standard academic fee of INR 10,000 per day + applicable GST for all the programs, except for the course titled “Industry 4.0 Perspectives for Managers” by Prof. Bhaskar Basu and Prof. Ritesh Kumar Dubey. For this course, the academic fee will be INR 15,000 per day + applicable GST.

Residential Fee:

At XIM University, the residential fee for staying at our Management Development Centre on a single occupancy basis is INR 4,000 per night, plus applicable GST. This fee covers room rent, meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner), as well as charges for snacks and beverages.


Please send your nomination(s) to mdp@xim.edu.in with clearly mentioning the name of the program, name of the executives, designations, email and mobile number at least one week before the start date. The MDP officer will connect you for further details related to nominations, residential accommodation (for on campus programs) and payment. The MDP officer can be reached through mobile phone or through Whatsapp on +91- 9437499162 or through Landline +91-674-6647-850

We encourage you to write to the program faculty directly to get more information if you have any questions on the program design, delivery and other academic activities.