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The Library, as one of the key resources for the budding managers, practicing professionals and world class faculty, occupies a place of honor in the campus. The prime objective of XIM University library is to support the academic and research program of the University. It aims to provide appropriate knowledge resources to meet the information needs of the XIM University community. The library has been developing its resource collections, which include books, periodicals, databases, e-books, e-journals, audio-visual materials, cases, company annual reports, working papers & newspapers by using state-of-the-art facilities over the years.

Besides the print resources, library subscribe various national and international e-resources in the form of corporate and economic database like EBSCO, ABI, Proquest Complete, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier Science Direct, JSTOR, J-Gate, Sage Database, EPWRF, ISI Emerging market, CMIE Prowess, India Stat, LexisNexis. The library has subscribed BLOOMBERG database & Grammarly Software. The service and tools provided by the library helps the users to enrich their research activities and save their time.

While EBSCO Publishing covers nearly 6000 journals,ISI Emerging Markets provide detailed information about Indian Business and Industry. CMIE gives information about 26000 companies. Library is also having Annual Report database, which covers information on nearly 6000 companies. The old campus library has implemented Library Information System (LIS) for automating the Library Information. This System provides a searchable web interface to locate books, and helps in day to day transaction. LIS gives answers to any query raised by clientele author wise, title wise & subject wise.

The Library Information System is accessible to its users both from within and outside the campus.

The Online library portal is accessible across the campus network round the clock. The library remains open from 0800 hours to 0500 hours.

Major Online Resources

  • ACE –Equity, MF, KP
  • Bloomberg
  • EBSCO-Business Source Complete
  • Economic Outlook – EIS
  • Elsevier- Science Direct
  • Emerald Insight
  • EPW
  • EPWRF Time Series
  • Euromonitor International
  • IEEE
  • India Business Insight
  • Grammarly
  • Indiastat
  • ISI Emerging Markets – EMIS
  • J-Gate Plus
  • LexisNexis
  • Proquest (ABI Complete)
  • Prowess IQ
  • RemoteXs
  • Sage Publishing
  • Statista
  • Taxmann
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism web tool

Library Services

XIM University library offers Reference services, Research support services, Circulation services, Database training support, User orientation services, Document delivery, Audio-visual services, Online catalogue/OPAC services, Anti-Plagiarism services, Newspaper clipping, Display of new arrivals and Reprographic services to the user’s community.


Our charging and discharging system is fully automated through our LIS. It gives information to the users about which documents are issued in favour of them and by which date to return back.

User orientation Service:

Library provides orientation program to enable the users, to access information through different resources of library without waste of time.

E-Learning Centre

Library has a modern e-lab for the users for their study & research having 25 latest model computers.

Selective Dissemination of Information

Our Library provides pinpointed and tailor-made information for the different queries of the clientele.

Newspaper Clippings Service:

Updated Clippings of different subjects from National and Regional Newspapers are available in the library for users.

Reprographic Service

The Library is providing other information related support services like photocopying, binding, lamination etc to its users.

Audio Visual Service

The application of audiovisuals in different courses has remarkably increased. Use of educational video documents by faculty members in different programs has increased. The Library is regularly extending its audiovisual services aid to different departments whenever needed by them and in the Library itself.

Display of New arrivals:

With a regular interval, our Library displays few newly added books at the entrance of the Library so that users will be aware of those new additions. Besides, every month Library provides information on latest books through Intranet for its users. Use of educational video documents by faculty members in different programs has increased. The Library is regularly extending its audiovisual services aid to different departments whenever needed by them and in the Library itself.
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