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Exemplar hosted forty-five (45) corporate competitions, held by coveted organisations and MNCs and organised sessions for success in corporate competitions.


As a result, XIM had the second-highest number of national finalists and was listed among the top 10 campuses across the nation by the Aditya Birla Group. The Batch of 19-21 was a part of the launch of several corporate competitions which gave them a good advantage over other campuses in the country. Exemplar also hosted ‘Achievers’ Sessions’ for the batch of 19-21, where the national winners and finalists came to the university to guide students on participation in corporate competitions. Exemplar is proud to announce that XIM university was the first and fourth runner up of Kronothon 3.0. In another corporate competition, the university qualified for the national semi-finals. Exemplar has made sure that the batch of 19-21 is ready to carry XIM University’s winning streak forward and maintain the legacy that is XIM University.

The Literary Society of XIM University kick-started 2019-2020 with an online writing contest where all XIMians were encouraged to send in entries in the form of prose and poetry. Our next event was an engaging amalgamation of a quiz and Pictionary named ‘Hieroglyph’, a promotional event building up to ‘Origami‘, the showstopper of all LitSoc XIM University’s events. Origami this year was a literary treasure hunt with the final phase being a story building event.

LitSoc compiled and circulated ‘GyanPulp‘, an informative series of write-ups to prepare the senior and the junior batches for placements and SIPs. One of the events of LitSoc was ‘Humans of LitSoc‘, on the lines of Humans of Bombay and Humans of New York. We launched the sixth edition of ‘Literati‘ our annual magazine, which is a compilation of write-ups from the students, alumni and the faculty.


SpeakUp kicked off the academic year with ‘Quora Meet-Up’, inviting Quorans from Bhubaneswar to engage with students on a variety of issues. We then pushed the capabilities of the batch by conducting GD-PI sessions, with the senior students helping the new students prepare for forthcoming internship processes. SpeakUp also conducted a unique knowledge transfer session, ‘Sailing My Internship (SMI)’, where seniors guided juniors about the internship process of different companies.

At Xamboree, SpeakUp conducted ‘XIM University MUN 2.0’, with the United Nations Climate Summit as the council, with the agenda of mitigating the effects of climate change. In the winter, we organised ‘Chai Pe Charcha,’ giving a platform for a semi-formal discussion on sustainable living and celebrity activism. The event had participation from visiting international students, who brought in a global perspective.

The committee also conducted ‘Vaani‘, an extempore competition testing on their impromptu speaking skills of students and ‘Prashikshan‘ in which senior students shared their insights on how to make the best of internship programs.

SPIC MACAY XIM University conducted Jashn-e-Dawat, an Indian food festival in the month of February, catering to the gastronomic cravings of the on-campus residents. In association with X-Lens, we held ‘Kala Sanchika’ an exhibition of remarkable paintings and photographs by our brilliant participants. We also organised ‘ Ankan‘, a first of a kind intra-XIM University painting competition.

Both our events at Xamboree ‘Yoga-Sutra’ and ‘Anukriti’ were appreciated, and our flagship event ‘Dharohar’ witnessed enthralling performances of dance and music. Ms Nazia Alam, a Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma finalist and Mr Rahul Acharya, a highly rated Odissi artist of Doordarshan, judged the competition. We also arranged an insightful museum walk for students at Kala Bhoomi.

It was a golden opportunity for the committee to host an interactive session with Dr Kiran Seth, founder of SPIC MACAY at XIM University. This session was followed by an ecstatic Hindustani classical recital evening by Smt. Vidushi Padma Talwalkar. The committee organised a memorable trip to ‘Yamini’ which is the flagship event of the SPICMACAY Odisha Chapter, where many eminent Indian artistes performed.

At the beginning of the academic year, we organised ‘Bootcamp’, in collaboration with StartUp Odisha giving students an insight on how to provide a kickstart to their ideas and carry them forward. Later, ‘Ideathon’ a B-Plan competition was held during the management fest of XIM University with the aid of video conference for the ease of all participants. Students from various colleges including SIBM, KJ Somaiya, IBS Hyderabad and other institutions participated.


XLens, The Movie and Design Committee of XIM University  is a platform for all the Creative Arts lovers who want to show their Art through talent through their lens. The new year started with team building activities for the incoming batch. There were workshops to familiarise the newcomers with the world of lens and editing.

The senior team coached the students on the basics, and the workshops concluded on a high note with satisfied students. Photowalks conducted where students were taken out into the city wildernesses and encouraged to take creative pictures which were later displayed for all to appreciate.

Our committee’s leading initiatives at Xamboree, in the form of ‘Shristi’ The Shirt Movie Festival and ‘Xpressions‘ the photograph competitions saw us take our interest to the national level. We pursue these competitions with great pomp and joy. We conducted theme-based competitions, ‘FriendFee’ and ‘Express you Gratitude’. We also had an initiative called ‘Perspectives’ through which students took up social initiatives and created awareness around the campus through posters.

XQuizzite XIM University, the knowledge and quizzing committee of XIM University, organised its flagship event, ‘Qureka’, the annual national-level open quiz competition held during Xamboree’19. The quizmaster was none other than Mr Simanta Mohanty, an author of nine quiz books and an alumnus of Xavier Institute of Management. The event saw an overwhelming turnout with close to one hundred and thirty participants from various prestigious institutions from across the country (IIT Kharagpur, NISER, MDI, IIT Bhubaneswar to name a few) with teams battling it out for the top positions and prizes worth Rs.20,000/-.

Team XQuizzite XUB also conducted a series of quizzes on a wide array of popular topics. Team XQuizzite believes that it succeeded in igniting the spark of curiosity in the minds of students of XIM University.

X-Stage, the Cultural Committee of XIM University started the year with ‘X-Capade’, a talent hunt for the incoming freshman batch.

Our movie night ‘Rang De Basanti’ saw a patriotically charged audience. X-Stage also organised five different stage events during Xamboree that included ‘Battle-It-Out’, the first-ever ‘Street Cypher’ which took XIM University by storm. Xamboree also saw X-Stage events like ‘Dhwani’ (the Musical Extravaganza), ‘Footloose’ (the group dance-off), ‘Tamasha’ (the Nukkad competition), ‘Sonix ‘(the Battle of Bands) and ‘Runway Roll’ (the Fashion Show). Well known faces like singers Rojalin Sahu and Randip Palit, and dance crews like the Full Stop Crew, were present as judges.

Another event that brought X-Stage closer to the students was the ‘Open Mic Night’, which saw a great turnout and exposed hidden talent.X-Stage continues to live up to its legacy of bringing fun and joy into the hearts of the students, with its ever-growing list of exciting events, that break the monotony of academics. This year was living proof of it.

“PRESM” i.e. People Respecting Equality, Sexuality and Mental Health is a newly formed committee which aims to build a community to discuss sensitive issues like LGBTQ initiatives, gender equality (Discrimination against Women and Men) and mental illnesses like Bipolar Disorders, Depression. Some other initiatives that the committee aims to take are:


  1.  Talks/ Webinars on a selected topic by LGBTQ Activist/ Mental Health Expert/ Men or Women Rights Activists, etc
  2. Awareness Posters like “Guide: How to be Appropriate”
  3. Screening of Films about the same
  4. Anonymous Forum to submit any complaints/ problems
  5. Motivational Talks by Speakers  

As an initiation, PRESM brought forth two well-known activists from the related fields in an interactive forum called “Brihannata” and created awareness among the students about prevention of child sexual abuse and LGBTQ initiatives.


XStage, the cultural committee of XIM University, played a huge role in unifying all its students despite the trying times. The year kicked off on an exhilarating note with a virtual onboarding of all new students in the form of X-capade– an event that presented the incoming batch with an opportunity to strut their stuff whether it was through dance, drama or music. On the heels of that was the Open Mic hosted on Dussehra. X-Stage organized a unique fusion dance-off between western and classical. XStage pulled another rabbit out of a hat soon by putting together a spooky event, “Scare-o-Rama” to celebrate Halloween. The team organized a mind-boggling virtual treasure hunt, people shared their horror stories and the icing on the cake was The Walking Dead– a one-stop chance for all to flaunt their most horrifying costumes and make-up looks. The committee ended the year on Christmas Eve with a jolly get together, “Christmas X-travanganza” that encompassed a bake off on Instagram, a good old Christmas Scramble and a Lip Sync Battle to top it off.


SpeakUp conducted ‘Vaani‘- an extempore competition testing the students on their impromptu speaking skills. The participants spoke unfettered putting forth their knowledge and opinions ofwhat India could look like in 2050. The finalists had to compete in TurnCoat round, where they had to speak for and against a given topic. SpeakUp conducted its first CPC where the discussion covered a plethora of topics such as “In the absence of stringent laws, Nirbhaya will be repeated”, “Should Caste-based Reservations be Removed?” and “Pros and Cons of Farm Bill 2020”. CPC 2 had the agenda of discussing on “Men’s Day”. Mock GD was done as a part of orientation of the junior batch, to accustom them with the upcoming placement season. Mock CD was done as a part of the Orientation program for the junior batch, to enable them to effectively tackle the Case Discussion in the upcoming placement season. Mock Interviews were conducted as a part of the Orientation program to enable them handle all the interview questions. On the world mental health day, 10th October 2020, SpeakUp, through its social media engagement, conducted a small survey, on the effect of Pandemic on mental health


Kickstart 2020– The Founder of JAG Educate named Mr. Gaurav Pattnaik graced the event named ‘Kickstart’ of X-Cubate, the Students Entrepreneurship Wing of XIM University. The Startup Bootcamp 2020 provided an opportunity to demonstrate the innovative ideas in the virtual platform, this time which was 3 days long. Groww – Ab India Karega Invest – It brought the best opportunity to learn the most important and trending topic, i.e., Investment. This webinar enriched participants about stocks, mutual funds, and much more. It was hosted by HERODY, a one-stop destination for Internships/Projects in India with the partnership of GROWW, an India-based online investment platform. Pitch Deck Preparation Workshop– Founder and CEO of ‘Easy to Pitch,‘ Ms. Priyanka Madnani shared her journey, challenges and what it takes to rise in the world of women entrepreneurs.


InfluenXia an Inter-college quiz event was organised at online platform (D2C). In this, approximately 400+ students from prestigious business schools in India participated. Aabhar provided a platform for the participants to showcase their gratitude towards the opposite/ same gender for any event in their life. It also consisted of series of events where participants played games which spread awareness about sexual abuse and gender equality. Events of “Untold Tales” and “Busting the myth” were organised over social media where stories of individuals were posted. Brihannata is an event in which renowned activists came together to celebrate sexuality in all its colours.

The purpose of the event is to create a long-standing vision to discuss, debate, create, ideate and express, with an understanding that gender equality needs to be at the heart of sustainable development and progress. InfluenXia 1.0 educated participants about various laws relating to women’s safety and LGBTQ+ equality, followed by InfluenXia 2.0, which focused on mental health. Something as pertinent as sexual harassment needs not only empathy but also energetic participation from our side to fight harder and longer against it. Keeping that in mind, we, at PRESM XIM UNIVERSITY, came up with an awareness event which includes an exciting twist to the traditional game of Bingo, named as “I Can” Bingo! Aabhar helped us show our gratitude to both the small and big joys in our lives. It consisted of series of activities that helped the participant to show and feel a sense of gratitude and contentment.


‘Alfaz’  was conducted wherein opportunity was provided to the brilliant writers amongst us to let loose of their scripture selves and express what they desire in the form of  poems, articles, essays and short stories. ‘Hieroglyph’, a game of Pictionary with a garnish of literature: This multi-level visual quiz served as an opportunity for literature and movie lovers to prove their mettle, and triumph over others in this battle of quick thinking and knowledge


A show that’s universally deemed as “good” doesn’t cut it anymore; it must be “great” for us to commit to watching a full season. Xquizzite (The quizzing committee of XIM University)  conducted TV series quiz in September 2020. It was held in 2 rounds the prelims being Google form and mains on Zoom. After a gruelling round of prelims and mains on Zoom , we finally had a winner of “The TV Series Quiz“,  Rahul Bhatt of HRM 1st year XIM University!!! Special mentions to Sakshi Deshmukh (HRM 1st year XIM University) and Sanchit Jajodia (HRM 1st year XIM University) for being the first and second runners up respectively.


SPIC MACAY XIM University chapter hosted “Pratishtha 2020”, the competition for the batch of 2020-2022 that unleashes creativity, inhales possibility, exhales creativity. In collaboration with X-STAGE, hosted the “Western Vs Classical – Dance Face-off” for the entire XIM UNIVERSITY batch of 2020-22.  A pre-decided song “Mi Gente – Classical Version” was given to the participants. The participants had to upload their videos with the Western Version or the Classical version. SPIC MACAY ODISHA chapter organized the online series of film screening, followed by an interaction with the experts. SPICMACAY, XIM University in collaboration with XQuizzite held the Sanskriti quiz on 26th January, India’s Republic Day. SPIC MACAY XIM University conducted a virtual yoga week in association with the Social Responsibility Committee, a week before the International Yoga Day i.e. 21st June, 2020. The students sent pictures of them and their family members doing Yoga. They described how Yoga has helped them. We published it on our social media platforms to spread awareness of the benefits of Yoga.


Quizzard, the fundraising event in association with the foundation ‘Aspire and Glee’, was organised on D2C to back the organisation’s noble cause. The college photography contest, Xoco was an event which was organized on Chocolate day and sponsored by ‘chocoforu’. On the occasion of Christmas, Xlens planned a selfie plus photography contest for the students of Xavier University. This year on Diwali, Xlens planned for a Diwali selfie contest for XIM University students. A fun and intriguing event that was meant to test the knowledge of logos which belonged to different brands. The quiz was open for everyone and was a fun event to engage everyone in sharing memes and also test their meme Knowledge. Innovation Cell of XIM University and Xlens along with Wild Chhotonagpur Plateau Trust hosted an event to spread awareness about the Tribal Villages in Chhotonagpur Area. The event exclusively Potrayed about the Culture and Unique things about the Tribal Areas. Scribble was organised by XLens in association with VIVO on 30th December, 2020. It was a fun drawing and guessing game which was somewhat similar to Pictionary. Xlens, in association with VIVO came up with a game from our childhood. Jigsaw Puzzle, on the online platform, was something that brought a whole new level of excitement amongst the teams