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A Digital University – A Breath of Fresh Air in a Global Pandemic

A Digital University – A Breath of Fresh Air in a Global Pandemic

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Digital University – A Breath of Fresh Air in a Global Pandemic

Education on a whole, is an ever transitioning avenue, some way or the other. Earlier, it used to be based on Rote Memorisation, possibly evolved from learning all the farming techniques. Now, it has moved away considerably to that of a Digital Campus. The Internet has convincingly shaped the way for the current trends of education to change accordingly.

Apart from the common prerequisites, we also have a raring Global Pandemic at our footsteps. It is not an easy task to assemble and make perfect use of all the physical resources possible, where crowding is a certainty. Instead, it is about that complete transition that defines a generation, led by Xavier University Bhubaneswar in creating a Digital University.

Creating a Digital University is the easiest as well as the trickiest thing to do. Especially with everyone online, it is all about making the right moves and using the Internet as the perfect tool to educate and assimilate everyone. Here’s discussing how Xavier University Bhubaneswar is doing it well.

Xavier University Bhubaneswar – Digital Campus of the Decade

Being a Digital Campus matters a lot these days, especially right now. With all the CoronaVirus Lockdowns in place, having a break in the curriculum will not only affect the students considerably, but it will also jumble up the entire plan that was carved before the beginning of the academic year.

To be a successful Digital Campus, first of all, a Digital Library is mandatory. No matter what, if someone can access through a plethora of books that they can use as a reference while going for their daily study routine or something else, it will be of exceptional use.

As far as Xavier University Bhubaneswar is concerned, the Digital Library boasts of an exemplary collection of reading and reference material that any student can use for themselves.


Notable e-journals include:

  • Cambridge Online
  • Taylor & Francis
  • J-Gate
  • Elsevier (ScienceDirect)
  • Entrepreneurial Studies Source
  • Proquest (ABI Complete)
  • SAGE Publications
  • EPW

Apart from these fabulous journals, there are several databases as well which are a bundle that can be of great help, such as:

  • National Digital Library
  • IBI: India Business Insight
  • LexisNexis
  • EMIS Intelligence
  • India Stat
  • Economic Outlook (EIS)
  • CMIE-ProwessIQ
  • ACE KP
  • ACE Equity
  • ACE Mutual Fund
  • ELibrary
  • Bloomberg Lab


  • Unified Wireless Network all over the campus
  • High-performance Network Security Appliances
  • HP Blade server system
  • 24 TB SAN Box
  • Digital / IP Telephony (VOIP)
  • Mail Exchange Server
  • Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Quark Express
  • End NotesX8
  • NVivo 12
  • Eviews-10
  • IBM SPSS-25
  • IBM AMOS-25
  • IBM Cognus
  • IBM DB2, Web Sphere
  • Seqrite AV
  • Systat -11
  • Stata14
  • Win Rats and Cats
  • Panasonic Video Conferencing System (KX-VC1600SX)
  • 8 Computer Labs at New Campus
  • 5 Computer Labs at XIMB Campus

Along with these, there are subscriptions to the Grammarly Grammar Correction Service as well as the exciting BLOOMBERG Database. The Xavier University Bhubaneswar has joined more than 800 universities worldwide with Bloomberg Terminals or Finance Labs with this particular move that students can avail without much hassle.

The Computer Resources and Data Centre (CRDC) of the University provides all IT and Computing support to the students, faculty, and staff. All the computers are connected to the Campus LAN/ Wi-Fi, which is handled by the Fibre Optic backbone. 

All members on the university network have access to the internet 24/7 via 350 MBPS leased lines each in both the campuses. The CRDC has devised, developed, and executed many software applications in the University and outside. Moreover, a state-of-the-art n-tier web-enabled application to satisfy the obligations of the transforming university. XUB ELVIS is being deployed as part of the Digital University mission.

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is a member of the University Alliance Programme of SAP and has access to SAP ERP and BW systems with courses grasping the SAP software. The University is incorporated under Microsoft’s Campus License program, providing the students with the choice of running a variety of products, and any upgrades or downgrades of those products. 

The University has set up Xavier Microsoft Phoenix Lab, the first of its kind in India to equip the students for the new cloud-enabled computing. The University has procured Microsoft StorSimple to ramp up its composite storage capacity on campus and Azure cloud. The University also hosts an extensively enabled classroom with admittance to all Microsoft content and certification tracks.

Xavier IT Backbone Network Infrastructure work is carried out by IBM-supported Juniper Networks devices for data and Astra (previously Ericson) for voice IPBX devices.

Xavier University Bhubaneswar has set up their personal data center with an in-house DNS system on the Xavier cloud and guarded the websites through SSL certificates. Xavier University utilizes Zimbra Email Collaboration, rendering the end-users full synchronization between all their devices to offer a world-class, open-source collaboration software consumable for the University.

Paired with the daily online classes provided to the students currently as well as planning the curriculum for the students who are going to join the next academic year onwards, Xavier University Bhubaneswar has become the first successful Digital University. The various media that Xavier University has been using to provide quality educational content is:

  • Facebook/Zoom Live Streams 
  • Instagram and WhatsApp Updates
  • YouTube Video Lectures
  • PDF Document Sharing etc.

To make all of these work effectively, Xavier University has developed an Intranet system under the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. The main point of this Intranet setup is to enable students to get hold of all of the information regarding their curriculum and their college, in general.

With the help of minimal details such as a Username, a Password, and a small Captcha, students can use these services:

  • Syllabus
  • Course Outline
  • Course Notice Board
  • Student Details
  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments
  • Feedback etc.

Keeping all the information together, the XIMB Intranet has made it ridiculously easier for all the students to keep tabs on everything in need. This aspect truly gives Xavier University the meaning and the look of a Digital Campus.

Visit Xavier University Bhubaneswar here for more information.

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