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The popularity of governance and public affairs is increasing in recent times. It provides lucrative career opportunities to young students […]

At a time when businesses around the globe are being compelled to adopt the latest technologies, who wouldn’t want to […]

Do you have an inclination towards the law? If yes, then doing a law degree can be the best option […]

In the rapidly changing world of today, resources are depleting at a fast pace, sustainable practices are the need of […]

With the remarkable evolution and growth of the mass communication industry, more and more students are showing an interest in […]

Is finance the subject that you enjoy the most? Are you also interested in exploring the role of finance in […]

Is it important to acquire a master’s degree in order to become successful? It is one of the most common […]

With the increase in media channels, there is a high demand for mass communication professionals. As a result, mass communication […]

The easiest way to improve your earning potential is to take up a Master’s course in Business Finance. It is […]

MBA in Urban Management & Governance is a two-year course which is destined to offer skills and knowledge to the students […]

We are in a fast-growing and ever-changing business world, and to keep up with, and actively function in such a […]

What we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the standards of employment have risen up drastically, resulting in numerous […]

Planning involves the ever-present need for Planners across the globe has multiplied manifold due to rapid urbanization.  Moreover, with transformations […]

Communication is the most crucial thing no matter in what industry or sector. Mass Communication and Media is one of […]

Career Planning is certainly a massive concern right now for both parents as well as students. The Indian education system […]