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What Are The Career Opportunities For You With a Master of Business Finance Degree?

What Are The Career Opportunities For You With a Master of Business Finance Degree?

What Are The Career Opportunities For You With a Master of Business Finance Degree?

The easiest way to improve your earning potential is to take up a Master’s course in Business Finance. It is a specialized Master degree course that prepares you with the fundamentals and advanced studies related to finance. Moreover, this program offered by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar will help you pursue your career in finance-related jobs with high salary packages.

School of Commerce, one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar aims at preparing highly skilled and talented commerce, business and finance professionals, who can contribute to the growth of the economy through advanced knowledge and skills while evaluating and analyzing the complexities of businesses and other financial institutions.

Master of Business Finance (MBF) is a specialized 2-year, full-time program which aims at helping students sharpen their conceptual as well as analytical skills in the areas of financial decision-making. It comprises 4 semesters in two years. The course curriculum has 94 credits of classroom instruction and other credit components including two sets of elective specializations – “Banking and Insurance”, and “Finance”. In addition to this, the program covers immersion courses on current issues, seminars, workshops and interaction with industry experts.

There are many job designations waiting for you to apply for. But you need to be qualified enough to ensure that the job you apply for shall never go out of your hands. In this article, you will know about some of the career opportunities for individuals who have a degree in Master of Business Finance.

Financial Analyst

A Master of Business Finance degree holder can be a financial analyst in firms such as commercial banks, insurance companies, government firms and others. The job role of a financial analyst is to help clients and organizations with ideal financial recommendations and suggestions.

Some of the common duties that every financial analyst has to handle include collection of financial data, report creation, finding investment opportunities, financial risk management, etc. The faculties and the passed out students of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar have stated that the annual pay scale is very high for the individual who has a Master in Business Finance.

Financial Manager

The job role of a financial manager is to handle the budget and reporting aspects of any company. Irrespective of the type of company, every business needs a financial manager. Every company has some financial goals, and the financial manager will be dedicated to analysing and planning strategies for achieving them. Not just that but they are also skilled to collect, monitor and prepare the accounts for the company.

The duties handled by the financial managers include planning & managing budgets, preparing financial reports, looking for cost-reduction aspects, financial risk management, etc. Apart from that, the managers are responsible for coordinating with the solicitors, bankers and auditors.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFO is not just any usual employee as they are the chief office for handling financial aspects in a company. They are destined to work in international or multicultural companies. At Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, you will eventually learn the core values of being a CFO. You will learn the responsibilities and benefits that come with this position.

The CFO is the person responsible for maintaining the financial stability within the organization. Along with that, they also create strategies and policies to help the finances of the organization thrive. Along with that, CFOs also look after the risk management moves to ensure that the company does not face any financial breakdown.

Some of the duties of CFO includes handling the finance & accounting departments. Along with that, they also look after the implementation of the financial guidelines amongst the employees of the organization. They supervise the financial report creation, financial forecasts, financial statements and others.


An accountant is another designation that is popularly in demand amongst young individuals who want to pursue a career in finance. At Xavier University, under the MBF program, you will be educated about the specific job roles of an accountant and the detailed fundamentals of approaching it.

Some of the everyday tasks that are handled by the accountants include internal audits, payroll, billing, inventory and others. The accountants work in a team with the HR department for some organizational functions. Apart from that, some of the common duties include report preparation, balance sheet preparation, maintaining & creating profit/loss statements and others.

Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisors are great earning individuals in the organization as they have a significant role to play. They are especially needed in the insurance companies, individual clients and real estate companies. As the name suggests, the financial advisors are designated to give finance-oriented advice to start-up companies, families, individuals and others.

At Xavier University, the students are taught to master their area of expertise and gain knowledge about insurance protection, real estate planning, investments, retirement planning and others. These are the very common financial aspects on which the advisors need to put up their advice when dealing with clients on the field.  

The job duties of a financial advisor are to explain all types of financial services such as retirement plans or education expenses to the clients. They also monitor the account of clients and plan out strategies to improve their performance.


The career opportunities are endless, and you must keep in mind if you have plans to take up Master of Business Finance program. If you are searching for the best institute to commence with your study program to earn the master degree in business finance, Xavier University,  Bhubaneswar has the best faculty members to clear your fundamentals on the subjects and help you develop the practical skills as well.

For more information related to the program, you can get in touch with the consultants of Xavier University.

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