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Endless Career Opportunities With MBA In Urban Management & Governance Program

Endless Career Opportunities With MBA In Urban Management & Governance Program

Endless Career Opportunities With MBA In Urban Management & Governance Program

MBA in Urban Management & Governance is a two-year course which is destined to offer skills and knowledge to the students for dealing with complex problems such as urban system financing, improved city functioning, enhancing the efficiency of urban services and others. 

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is offering this program through one of its constituent schools- School of Human Settlements. There is an immense potential of this degree to help the individuals get employed in government organizations, development agencies, infrastructure development companies and others. 

School of Human Settlements intends to develop, transfer and disseminate knowledge about building sustainable, smart & livable cities. Through professional education and capability development it purposes to create expertise for urban development. The school envisages preparing sector- ready city managers increasingly needed by urban development and planning organizations, urban local bodies, consulting organizations working with state, national and local authorities, and businesses involved in urban development. The planning and management of livable, sustainable and smart cities have large-scale public and environmental implications and require sector-specific expertise to ensure appropriate citizen-centric, just and ecologically sustainable development.

School of Human Settlements offers the MBA-UMG, a 2-year, full-time residential Program to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills to develop and run sustainable and adaptive cities and city systems. It brings together the relevant knowledge, techniques and tools from the fields of Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Policy and Governance. The curriculum is designed to meet the specific management expertise required by agencies involved in the financing, development and management of cities, towns and rapidly urbanizing peripheries.

Hence, this blog is all about explaining you the fruitful career opportunities that you will get by pursuing an MBA in Urban Management & Governance program with Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

Job Designations With MBA In Urban Management And Governance

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar believes that urban management and governance degree holders handle the job roles of planning, designing, surveying and development. They work in the fields such as economic development, urban regeneration, transport and others. Under the public sector, there is an opportunity to work under local authorities and central government.

The companies look for employees who are rich in skills-oriented with urban subjects and business management. So, with this program, you will be suitable not just for urban management jobs but also for general business management jobs. 

Some of the job designations that are given to the MBA in Urban Management & Governance individuals are:

Zonal Co-ordinator

The zonal coordinators are responsible for handling more than 50 members under their team. The job role of individuals with this designation is to look after the seamless functioning of branch administration, branches, channel management, distribution, marketing activities and others. Moreover, they are also responsible for ensuring sales growth for the company as per their guidelines. 

Assistant Manager

The companies hire the assistant managers for interviewing candidates to bring in staff for the office location. Along with that, it is also the job of the assistant manager to take note of the smooth transition of these new employees onto the job role. They have the right skills to hire the senior staff members for the business such as General Sales Manager. They also hold the responsibility to drive profitable outcomes by increasing the output derived by the employees. 

Urban Project Planner

The urban planners are designated to handle the role of designing, implementing, promoting and managing the government policies and plans. All the processes implemented by the planners will effect on the land use, public utilities, zoning, housing, transportation and community facilities. The urban planners working under the organization brings up innovative plans for the utilization of the land. They are responsible for making plans to accommodate the population growth, bring in physical facilities in the town, create community and lot more. It is a very high paying job, and having an MBA degree in the respective stream can open up better opportunities for you. 

Urban designer

The role of urban designers is somehow similar to that of urban planners. But here, the designated professionals will have to survey the needs of the community and make decisions accordingly. With a proper survey, they design solutions to develop the area, region or the community. The urban designers check on the idea of the development of a facility. They check whether it meets the demand of the population or not. The urban designers look after the need for schools, new parks, shelters and business complexes. Urban designers get a whopping package, and it is possible if you are ready to sign up for the MBA in Urban Management & Governance with Xavier University. 

Associate Community Organizer

The associate community organizers develop the select programs and promote it to the target audience & community for the businesses to earn some name in the market. They are destined to promote the services and products offered by the company. Along with that, some of the companies also give them the responsibilities of interviewing and hiring the candidate for the available positions within the firm. Moreover, if there is any social deed, then it is the job of an associate community organizer to find volunteers for the purpose. 

State Program Manager

The state program managers handle all the human resource objectives. The state program managers handle job roles such as recruiting, orienting, assigning work, scheduling work delivery, counselling training, coaching and other such HR oriented tasks. 


The above-mentioned job roles are just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more designations across diverse industries for the candidates who have MBA in Urban Management & Governance mentioned in their CV. 

It is high time you must turn up to Xavier University to take up the Urban Management & Governance program. You will be open to choosing your path of a successful career with diverse opportunities readily available. For more information, get in touch with Xavier University, Bhubaneswar today!

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