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5 Best MBA Programs in India (and How to Apply)

5 Best MBA Programs in India (and How to Apply)

5 Best MBA Programs in India (and How to Apply)

What we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the standards of employment have risen up drastically, resulting in numerous employees being removed from service for the sake of the company’s survival. The term “essential employees” has been introduced to us and in fact, has even taken most of us by storm. Now more than ever, employees of the highest caliber are taken into full consideration to aid companies in times of crisis. Therefore, improving your skillset becomes a must. 

What sets high-caliber employees apart from others is their advanced skill set, their leadership capacity, and their versatility as employees in response to ever-changing conditions, rendering them as company assets. 

Pursuing an MBA program will be a point in your academic and professional life that will directly respond to the need to up the ante of your value as an employee. It lets you take the first step towards qualifying for management and other focal positions in a company. Above all, it allows you to become an individual with a well-defined professional integrity, enabling you to establish businesses, organizations, and institutions of your own. Eventually, this may also be one of the biggest leaps you will take and by far your best decision to bolster your career to higher levels. 

How to apply:

Xavier University in Bhubaneswar, India offers the best MBA programs in various fields. In total, there are five (5) major MBA programs that require its applicants to have at least three (3) years of study in a Bachelor’s degree program of any field with at least a 55% general weighted average as the final mark upon its completion. 

Applicants for MBA programs have to accomplish an online application form. Deadline for filling up the application form will be on December 9, 2020. 

After paying the application fee, applicants will wait until they are notified to take any one of the required Admission Tests:

  • XAT will be conducted by XLRI at Jamshedpur on January 3, 2021.
  • CAT will be conducted by IIMs on November 29, 2020.
  • X-GMT will be conducted by Xavier University at Bhubaneswar on January 31, 2021.
  • NMAT will be conducted by GMAC between the dates of October – December 2020 (accepted for MBAs in Human Resource Management, Rural Management, Sustainability Management, and Urban Management and Governance)
  • GMAT taken in 2019 or 2020 will be accepted. 

Qualifying applicants based on the results of their Admissions Test will be notified to take the following prerequisites before the Final Selection: Writing Ability Test (WA), Group Discussions (GD), and Personal Interview (PI). Applicants are also expected to shoulder the cost of their travel expenses, since the WA, GD, and PI will be held simultaneously in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. 

Final Selection will be based on the applicant’s performance in the WA, GD, and PI along with their previous academic records and relevant work experiences. Accepted applicants will be notified by mail in April 2021. 

Below are the following MBA programs offered at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, which will begin on the third week of June 2021:

  1. Master’s Program in Business Management (MBA – BM)

For those who wish to apply for higher office within their respective companies, or if you have any plans of establishing a business of your own in the near future, an MBA in Business Administration would be a great fit. Built over the principles of globally-recognized competence and integrity, you will be exposed to learning opportunities involving advanced leadership and management skills as well as familiarizing yourself better in the dynamics of the workplace. It will also help you develop businesses with a solid network, and a well-structured business plan equipped with long-term goals. 

This MBA Program is designed to develop a holistic perspective about an organization and gain knowledge of various business functions and skills. They would also learn to work in teams and effectively communicate in oral and written form. The program aims to develop strong analytical skills among the students coupled with awareness of social and ethical responsibility.

  1. Master’s Program in Human Resource Management (MBA – HRM)

Human Resource Management stands as the major pillar in terms of a company’s workforce, therefore dealing with the social dynamics of work relationships and customer service will be key to attaining competency in the said field – something that Xavier University will be able to provide you with upon finishing the degree. The program’s curriculum is recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management – USA which guarantees its students to bear a brand of competence and absolute coherence to work ethics upon finishing the degree. 

This MBA program with a sharp focus on “People Management” in the emerging knowledge economy, is designed to develop highly competent human resource professionals by imparting the knowledge, skills and experience essential for managing human resources in an organization.

  1. Master’s Program in Rural Management (MBA – RM)

Majority of Agricultural Countries like India share the predicament of managing rural communities as well as integrating them to contribute to various industries. For those who engage themselves in pursuit of fields concerning Community Development, an MBA in Rural Management will widen the perspective of aspiring students to better orient themselves with improving the situation of rural communities as well as introducing them to the advent of technological overhaul, drastically making these communities advanced in their entirety. Being the second-oldest MBA track in India, the program guarantees its graduates to be equipped with advanced, globally-practiced principles to further improve their neighboring communities as well as advancing rural communities in general. 

This Program is designed as an “MBA-plus” program, and provides a robust management education plus an intensive understanding of the rural context, communities, markets and opportunities. Students are therefore especially equipped to: Understand, analyse and address complex problems in rural markets; develop and implement livelihood development and social change strategies, and design, incubate and nurture social enterprises.

  1. Master’s Program in Sustainability Management (MBA – SM)

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar took it upon itself and developed an entire institution dedicated to expand all resources in achieving the SDGs. Their MBA program develops students who are capable of analyzing the needs of the economy and simultaneously pushes for its advancement along the parameters of sustainable human development.  Given that there is a need to provide a fresh roster of UN officials, leaders in government, institutional and organizational directors and other roles necessary to achieve sustainable development, graduates of the MBA – SM program will bear the brand of putting socially-relevant principles into practice.

In keeping with the challenge of building a better corporate business and aiming to attain the goal of sustainable business and also facing the challenge of building a better Society with the aim of creating a Sustainable community, this Program aims to equip students with values of Sustainability and how to manage Sustainability in creating a future world of the 21st century which deeply connects business and society.

  1. Master’s Program in Urban Management and Governance (MBA – UMG)

This MBA program focuses more on improving city life and aiding its course towards even greater heights of innovation and advancement. Given that Xavier University pioneers the program, it bears the reputation of being at the forefront of the country’s mission to improve urban lifestyles and setting. They also take special attention for those who are top graduates of Architecture, Planning, Geography, and Economics upon completing their Bachelor’s degrees. 

This Program is aimed to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills to develop and run sustainable and adaptive cities and city systems. It brings together the relevant knowledge, techniques and tools from the fields of Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Policy and Governance. The curriculum is designed to meet the specific management expertise required by agencies involved in the financing, development and management of cities, towns and rapidly urbanizing peripheries.

Setting aside alignment in the academic discipline, consider applying for an MBA program that best suits your interests. In terms of choosing an institution, you need to look for institutions like Xavier University that stands as a pioneer in the country’s initiatives for establishing programs that are competent and recognized globally, as well as being responsive towards the needs of the immediate community. 

Your experiences in pursuing an MBA program will depend on the roster of experiences provided by Xavier University. In this way, you will be able to expose yourself to principles and practices that are up-to-date, and will inevitably lead you to apply it to real-life scenarios as well as your personal goals.

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