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Career Planning in the Crushing Lockdowns – New Dilemma for Students and Parents

Career Planning in the Crushing Lockdowns – New Dilemma for Students and Parents

Career Planning in the Crushing Lockdowns

Career Planning in the Crushing Lockdowns – New Dilemma for Students and Parents

Career Planning is certainly a massive concern right now for both parents as well as students. The Indian education system is considerably known for handling the massive number of students each academic year. With a multitude of courses that are present, students opt-in accordingly.

However, career management is something that one can’t possibly conclude is a night’s time. It takes a considerable amount of time. A tremendous investment in time and energy awaits people. But, is it a success with everyone involved?

The year 2020 didn’t necessarily start in the greatest notes in the past couple of decades. First up, there was a looming threat of a potential World War between multiple countries for multiple reasons. Next up, the news was filled with reports from down under where enormous amounts of forest cover got wiped out in fires.

And finally, with shattering economies all over the place, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, locking down people at different parts without much productivity. How is one supposed to make a fruitful decision in these troubling times?

Lockdown and Level Headedness – Career Planning Adventures

Now, Indian students and parents are not necessarily the best of buddies when it comes to career planning. Let’s be completely honest here, the decision doesn’t conclude most of the time and it is always with one party submitting defeat to the other.

In trying times like these, it would be unbelievably great for everyone if people just took some more time to talk with each other. The biggest troubles brew between parents and students when it comes to picking the right UG Program. Technical education and Medicine are the two most sought after career choices in India, on average.

Over the past few years, we can see that students are opting for more “cool” career options which are certainly not the mainstream options. Some are derived from the major streams however incredibly specific. As an example, Sustainable Development, Government and Public Affairs, etc.

The lockdown being enforced on the general public, thanks to the Coronavirus, can be taken as help in these times. With lots of time indoors, a list of potential streams can be prepared by students and their parents to sort it out considerably.

Without necessarily fighting for a single option, a Pros and Cons list of going for a said stream should ease the pressure significantly. The final option that both parties need to take care of is that the World Economy is going to be in tatters for the next half or a full decade.

Employees’ choices won’t be entertained to a great extent when it comes to promotions and increments once the world opens up. Several people might lose their jobs as well. Hence, picking a career where the state of the economy won’t necessarily bother you much is the way to go.

Some might conclude this approach as being money-minded or money-centric, however, you’d have enough energy to argue with others if you have proper food on your table, right?

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