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One for the People, One among the People – Life in Mass Communication

One for the People, One among the People – Life in Mass Communication

One for the People, One among the People

One for the People, One among the People – Life in Mass Communication

Being among the masses gives a thrill to quite a few. On the other hand, some people willingly choose the same to explore themselves, more than exploring the society itself. It is not at a thing where Mass Communication hasn’t touched every stratum of life available right now. However, the means to pull it off considerably speaks about the individual venturing into the same.

Understanding the concept of people and society, how people behave in certain environments, how authorities tend to react, how people can be reached on mediums at a time. There are a lot of aspects that Mass Communication covers. Journalism is somewhat of a different subset.

Difference Between Mass Communication and Journalism

The best journalism college in India won’t necessarily make you a star in another field. The job of any degree college is to showcase what exactly you are going to face in the situations of adversity. There is a massive difference between what journalism and mass communication are. People don’t necessarily recognize the same in the first glance itself.

In rather broad terms, both Journalism and Mass Communication sound the same. However, Journalism is mostly all about reporting any type of news to the public. It doesn’t matter if the news is unbelievably specific or generic, the entire theme falls into Journalism. People follow Journalists to know about the latest developments in whatever sector they are interested in.

Mass Communication, just as the name implies, impacts masses. It is a broad field, and includes a fusion of photography, filmmaking, journalism, advertisement, public relations, content writing, etc. i.e. starting from radio, TV, news, magazines to the Internet, social media, films; any platform that is used to spread messages, opinions, news and entertainment to the masses (a large group of people) comes under the purview of Mass Communication.

It almost seems like both Mass Communication and Journalism are merging into one another, especially with the growth of social media. The point of letting people know about something must not be missed. Otherwise, there won’t be any meaning in you coming out of the best mass communication colleges in India and not working efficiently as you intended to.

There are some things, however, that a Mass Communication Degree would teach you. It’s not like an exclusive classroom for these things. It is just that you will be well versed with these as time progresses. The skills that you will prosper in are as follows:

  • A peak in Confidence and Creativity
  • Target-based Productivity within Deadlines
  • Critical Thinking and Expressing Ideas Clearly
  • Problem-solving, Observational and Interpretation Skills
  • Research Skills etc.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what you would be facing, in a rather broad sense. Going into the public with a thing or two in mind needs guts. Pulling it off without facing a lot of hassle is another mountain to climb. One who makes his way through any form, be it art or reality or responsibility, it’s up to them to maintain the tempo.

Xavier School of Communications (XCOMM), one of the constituent schools of Xavier University , is a state-of-the-art high-quality media school, aimed at training the students for the media industry on professional lines. The school was set up with the mission to empower the aspiring youths who join XCOMM to be ethically sensitive, innovative and skillful media professionals contributing to global peace and harmony. In the process, it also strives to promote progressive trends in the area of communications and research and envisages students to communicate life to people across the world. The School houses a professional audio studio that uses Studio Pro with Presonus, with online video production facilities.


XCOMM has professional audio and video studios, shooting floor, online TV production set-up, Greenroom, lobby, edit suits, lab and professional training in the high-end software used in the industry like Final Cut Pro (FCP), Avid media composer, Adobe Creative Cloud which includes adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, InDesign. Besides the students also get training in Maya, 3DxMax, 4C+ and Quark Xpress. The AV studio is spread in a sprawling studio space of more than 4000 square feet.

“Xavier Studio” is equipped with online video production facilities along with professional lights and grips. The school has Panasonic HD and Panasonic 4K cameras besides a Steadicam for film and TV production. The Xavier Studio has latest still cameras like Canon 5D and many more. Besides there are other facilities like the teleprompter to train students for TV anchoring, latest tripods, professional lights like muti-20, multi-10, cool lights with 4 banks, 3 banks and 2 banks. The studio has professional LED lights with DMX controller, which could change the colours or mix colours at a given time. There are spotlights and baby lights with all the accessories. Outdoor lights are also available for the production of short films and documentaries. Xavier Studio also has a modern digital still photography studio with all the lights and latest DSLR cameras.

“Xavier Lab”: the lab has registered Adobe Creative Cloud (academic version) for imaging and graphic design besides Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer for real time film and video editing. Workstations give students ample chances to practice what they learn in classrooms. Professional editing and animation are done on all the systems using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Maya.

“Audio Studios” has the latest registered software- Presonus Studio One Professional with midi-keyboard and many musical instruments. It has a wide range of microphones. The sound studio boasts of Shure Cordless, Blue Bird (Spark), Bluebird Reactor, Beyer dynamic, Shure SM 58, Short Gun, lapels, cordless hard mic, and pioneer cordless mics. The state-of-the-art classrooms, academic rigor and mentoring make our students feel that they are professionals from day one in the University.


University’s library has over 2500 books on Mass Communication alone covering several theoretical and practical areas like Human Communication, Communication Theories, Mass Communication research, Drawing, Animation, Designing, Fashion, Argumentation, Critical and Creative Thinking, Script Writing, Film and TV Direction, Cinematography, Photography, Broadcasting, Journalism (Print, TV and Digital), Psychology, Sound, Radio Production, Media Management, Event Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate and Business Communication, manuals of different software, and selected back volumes of International Journals. There are hundreds of award winning feature films, short films and documentaries in different languages for screening and some rare audio albums (instrumental) for reference. We at XCOMM encourage our students to engage with these texts so that they develop a base for critical thinking & contextual arguments early on.

About Xavier University Bhubaneswar

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With multiple online courses on offer, students can now pick their desired stream and approach accordingly by clearing the respective entrance tests as well as being eligible for it, in the first place.

Xavier University Bhubaneswar offers top-ranked specialized programs with a Global, Industry aligned Curriculum, provided by an Eminent and Committed Faculty enriched with Doctorates and Industry Experience.

The university focuses on maintaining gender diversity, academic diversity and demographic diversity for peer learning and enriched classroom experiences. The University also offers merit scholarships.

Visit us online for more information on how you can pursue your course in Mass Communication as well as Journalism.

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