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MBA vs MTech – The Right Masters Degree for you to Choose

MBA vs MTech – The Right Masters Degree for you to Choose

MBA vs MTech – The Right Masters Degree for you to Choose

A Masters Degree is the gateway of moving ahead of the curve and making a stern presence among your contemporaries. There are multiple avenues that one can choose. Out of which, a Masters Degree in something that lifts your academic level and gives weight to your professional presence.

There are multiple Masters Degree options that one can go for. In India, a Postgraduate level course is not necessarily the toughest thing to achieve, however, with a massive population and increasing competition, things can get hectic after a point.

The most popular Master’s Degree options in India, even after going through scores of them, are MBA and MTech. MBA is the acronym for Masters in Business Administration. In the same way, MTech is the short form of Masters in Technology. Several factors come into the picture before someone picks one of the two.

The Preferable Master’s Degree Option – MBA or MTech

First and foremost, one has to understand that there is no point comparing MBA and MTech courses. Both are specialized degrees and have value in their respective grounds. Both MBA and MTech provide excellent career options and have gained importance over the time. While both qualifications offer good placements and a stable career, the decision should be a well-calculated one.

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is an exceptionally broad section with multiple subcategories. Anyone pursuing an MBA Degree is generally looking to make it big with any corporate setup, be it within India or outside. Considering the current global situation, the pandemic, and the lockdowns, people are narrowing their preferences to India itself.

Generally, there are quite a few types of MBA options that one can go for. However, in a very broad sense, these are five most sought after branches that aspirants choose:

  • MBA in Business Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Operation Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Finance etc.

These options can provide employment and a happening life to aspirants in the non-technical sector. Business Operations and handling will be the first and foremost aim for people employed through such programs. Planning, Communication and Productivity are the three most important factors in any MBA field, and simultaneously, in any job after that.

When it comes to MTech or Masters in Technology, things get a bit too specific. If MBA deals with the optimization of resources such as time and effort, MTech prioritizes research and development. Now, in no way, it implies that communication, productivity, etc. are not in the highest priority list.

The most common features any aspirant must possess as far as a Masters Degree in MTech is concerned are Patience and Dedication. This might sound a bit preachy, however, when it comes to Research and Development, these two factors are needed the most.

There are different types of MTech options, that aspirants generally are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering etc.

Accordingly, one might choose their preferred branch and go ahead with it. MTech has been the lesser preferred Masters Degree option in India, in comparison to MBA. The deep technical knowledge as a prerequisite makes it look harder than the test.

However, when it comes to Innovation and Execution in any sector possible, an MTech candidate is the one that is preferred. Making life better for everyone on the base level is the drive for any Masters in Technology pursuer.

Aspirants who have completed their Bachelors in Technology in whichever branch can go for their respective Masters in Technology or MTech pick. The technical knowledge aspect helps these specific candidates in the long run. Similarly, when it comes to picking MBA as your Postgraduate Academic option, aspirants fluent in Business aspects, such as Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. will make an exquisite impact.

Preferably, one should make the choice on the basis of career goals, capabilities, and interests. In case one wants to continue a career in the technical field, then MTech is the right choice.  After this one can even switch to research or teaching. But if one wants to work in the corporate sector, then the MBA is the way to go. It is a management course and hence would enhance the managerial, leadership presentation and communication skills etc.

About Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is a prime educational institution at Bhubaneswar in the Coastal State of Odisha. Handled by the extremely efficient team behind the XIMB or Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, one of the top B-Schools in the entire country, Xavier University has its work cut out providing a wide variety of courses right from the Undergraduate Level to the Doctorate Level.

The current situation across the World has made it difficult for the normal curriculum to progress. With immaculate planning and resources, Xavier University was capable of making Online Education possible almost immediately. An exceptional panel of faculty members, paired with the correct digital infrastructure such as a Digital Library and an IntraNet feature, it was a smooth sail.

Considering various Masters Degree options in place, MBA and MTech degrees under Xavier University will make your future significantly secure and boost your presence effectively. The Xavier Institute of Management, Xavier School of Human Resource Management, Xavier School of Rural Management, Xavier School of Sustainability, and Xavier School of Human Settlements takes care of all types of MBA courses and the University is one of the most preferred options in the entire country.

In the same way, The Xavier School of Computer Science & Engineering is the prime destination for anyone willing to make a mark in the field of Computer Science and Engineering with their intellect and innovation. 

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) owes its origin to a “Social Contract” between the Government of Odisha and the Odisha Jesuit Society in 1987. It is acknowledged internationally as a world-class business school that provides quality management programs and develops futuristic managers with strong ethics and values. XIMB not only imparts management education but also implements socio-economic development projects in collaboration with international agencies and the Government. The Institute creates opportunities for the growth and development of the local entrepreneurs, maximizes management research, and brings about the overall industrial development of India through various innovative consulting projects.

The Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR) is grooming people-sensitive HR leaders equipped to build sustainable organizations and equitable society. With the foundation strongly laid came the courage and strength to a new metamorphosis of a longer-lasting higher-level change and transformation, leading to the creation of well-integrated courses with a common purpose. XAHR has the vision of being the School of choice, in the domains of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, for students, academicians, and practitioners.

Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM) builds multi-dexterous professionals with the understanding and expertise to work in rural communities, markets, businesses, and development programs. It prepares management professionals to apply management science for rural transformation. So, XSRM is committed to the mission of creating social value, meeting the changing needs of rural businesses, government, and development organizations.

Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS) intends to promote values of greater environmental justice and peace by offering students to specialize in sustainability and increase their in-depth knowledge and skills in core sustainability competencies thereby providing a competitive edge and global advantage to their careers. 

Xavier School of Human Settlements (XAHS) intends to develop, transfer and disseminate knowledge about building sustainable, smart & livable cities. Through professional education and capability development, it purposes to create expertise for urban development. The school envisages preparing sector- ready city managers increasingly needed by urban development and planning organizations, urban local bodies, consulting organizations working with state, national and local authorities, and businesses involved in urban development. The planning and management of livable, sustainable, and smart cities have large-scale public and environmental implications and require sector-specific expertise to ensure appropriate citizen-centric, just, and ecologically sustainable development.

Xavier School of Computer Science & Engineering (XCSE) is envisioned as a unique school that will leverage the high-quality business programs of Xavier University and emphasize sound computer science fundamentals, coding, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups. XCSE will focus on innovations in Computer science as they play an important role in most of the emerging technologies.

Visit Xavier University, Bhubaneswar to apply right now.

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