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Necessities and Opportunities: Why get a Master in Public Policy and Governance

Necessities and Opportunities: Why get a Master in Public Policy and Governance

Necessities and Opportunities: Why get a Master in Public Policy and Governance

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed and magnified the importance of quality leadership and effective governance. It is in this tumultuous time that we start to seek more ways towards innovation, bearing the crisis as our major source of motivation. Therefore, this crisis itself generates the need for us to yearn for unity now more than ever. 

Knowledge in public policy and governance proves itself useful in times where the need to pay close attention to the citizens’ welfare becomes more relevant. In this respect, we look at it as not just a situation to grieve about; it also reveals the necessities of more competent leaders and unravels the opportunities that lie in contributing to the general cause. 

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar commits itself to be among those institutions that foster aspiring “students for change” in the field of governance, public affairs, and policy-making. To further define that commitment, the university aligns itself to close scrutiny of the social and political environment, as well as getting a grasp of it well enough for its graduates to devise a comprehensive and relevant solution grounded on urgency and efficiency. 

School of Government and Public Affairs, the 11th school of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar was established on February 22, 2019, to build a knowledge hub on governance, policy research and analysis, and inspiring transformative leadership. Drawing inspiration from the Jesuit tradition of encouraging life-long openness to growth, the SGPA aims to build the capacity of young leaders for leadership action. Through this school, the University hopes to create innovation platforms in public sectors, in government, and social sectors and fulfill its mission of finding value in its commitment to intellectual exchange, social responsibility, push to lead for change and in bringing transformation in the society.

With a three-fold Vision, i.e. to build a knowledge hub on Governance, Policy Research and Analysis, and inspiring Transformative Leadership, to Create Innovation Platforms in Public Sectors, in Government, and Social Sectors and build Tomorrow’s Leadership and be the light for the world, the School aims to bring global standards of education in public policy studies to the country.

One thing that sets the university apart from others is its focus on the integration of business to public policy and governance. Its Master in Public Policy and Governance focuses on partnerships with businesses and turning them into networks that will be beneficial to improve human life. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar structures its goals to develop the would-be roster of future leaders through focusing on what needs to be analyzed in the lives of citizens especially to the youth, women, tribal communities, and the marginalized sector. 

Master in Public Policy and Governance entitles one to an array of expert instruction and engagements to the real-world setting. In order to achieve this, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar provides a conducive learning environment inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik. Housed by the International Center and offered by the School of Governance and Public Affairs, the Master in Public Policy and Governance program promotes joyous, collaborative, and research-oriented academic work to ensure the quality of experiences its students will be exposed to in the process. Given that this program is research-driven, it is an experience with a surefire mark of quality in terms of efficient leadership, critical decision-making, intellectual discussions, and solutions-based problem-solving skills. 

The School aims at developing a number of specialized research centers and short-term courses to create capacity-built future-ready leaders of tomorrow, especially the youth in the public domain for the country and the world. The school intends to attract many academics and practitioners in the public policy area including elected representatives, bureaucrats, administrators, managers and NGO leaders, which aims to have an international status.

By combining research and innovation – two critically necessary skills – Xavier University, Bhubaneswar proves itself as one which conducts continuous study over the ever-changing environment, and with a steadfast principle, it faces today’s social issues through deeper study. In this respect, academia becomes more relevant in a society that is in dire need of scientifically logical answers.

The academic life which Xavier University, Bhubaneswar offers is an environment that is globally-oriented and globally-competent. The experiences that come with this academic nature comes from a study of various global practices. Students will be exposed to profound narratives coming from people of all beliefs, ethnicity, and social status along with our well-experienced faculty who thrives on careers in community development, economic studies, and other endeavours for public outreach. This ensures that the experiences and values acquired by our students will be rooted in the concepts of humane treatment and the valuing of public welfare. 

Matters on Eligibility

The school offers Masters in Public Policy and Governance, a two-year program to bring global standards of education in public policy studies to the country. The first year will be focusing on the students’ required study of the 16 Core Courses divided into two Semesters; the second year will have the applicants focusing on an individual Capstone project, a Case Study, and a Dissertation. The programme focuses on (i) The Policy Making Process, (ii) Public Policy Analysis and Framework, (iii) Public Leadership, (iv) Economic Analysis and Policy, (v) IT, Governance and Public Policy, (vi) Business and Public Policy and (vii) Personal Leadership and Communication. Along with the courses, the students also have the option of doing advanced courses at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University, New York. 

The minimum eligibility requirements for applicants is a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years (or its equivalent) provided that they have at least 55% marks in aggregate from a recognized university. Graduates of any relevant experiences in the field of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Political Science, and Social Sciences are recommended to apply. Candidates with demonstrated leadership skills in previous work/assignments shall be preferred.

Applicants will be required to fill up an online application form via www.xub.edu.in by May 31, 2021. After filling up the application form and paying the necessary fees, applicants will be informed of the following procedures: personal interview, and a Statement of Purpose. The Final selection will be based on the evaluation of the two aforementioned requirements along with the applicant’s academic records and work experiences in the relevant field. 

Accepted first-year applicants will be officially enrolled and will begin pursuing the Masters program by the first week of July 2021. 

Overall, pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Governance is a commitment to contribute to Xavier University, Bhubaneswar’s and the country’s mission to defy the challenges posed by today’s societal ills as well as respond to the need for competent and more efficient leadership. By exposing yourself to an intellectual, research-based, innovation-inclined, and globally-competent institution, you will be able to further bolster your career and enliven your principles aligned to improving the lives of your immediate community as well as the entirety of the country’s citizens, eventually leading you to a path towards sharing your expertise in the global arena. 
At the end of it, every crisis will inevitably generate the need for more leaders to step up and face them head-on. Aligning your career path to public policy and governance will bring today’s generation to an even brighter future, uniting leaders both in the country and the world.

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