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Online Classes During Lockdown: Unfortunate Event With Positive Outcomes?

Online Classes During Lockdown: Unfortunate Event With Positive Outcomes?

Online Classes During Lockdown: Unfortunate Event With Positive Outcomes?

Every cloud has a silver lining; a proverb that has never been so becoming as today. For the generation that is still studying is by far the only direct beneficiary of the unique opportunity this pandemic has to offer. The singular opportunity here is upskilling while hibernating. Online classes are becoming the new normal and are set to continue deep into the future irrespective of any lockdown or the lack of it.

It might sound outlandish when we say that a pandemic is an opportunity and even repulsive to the people living at the bottom of the pyramid. There’s no hiding the fact that this COVID-19 pandemic is a rare unfortunate event that has taken the world economy back by 50 years at least. Moreso, we do not have a whitepaper detailing the expected outcomes either! The consequences could be anything depending on where this all leads to, and for how long will this joyride continue.

It also means we will learn it firsthand and set examples for our future generations. Among all this uncertainty and discontent, the generation that is yet to get into the mainstream economy of this country will have earned the Wisdom of Solomon by the time they are in! India is set to lead the world by the end of the 3rd decade of the 21st Century, only because most of its population will be a massive young working class. That is you!

Online classes are beginning a trend of unlimited learning and is the silver lining we spoke about a little earlier. There’s a tremendous potential that online learning has in its hold and this lockdown is probably the best time to get used to it and never get over with it even as things get

The program enables the students to acquire in-depth knowledge on subjects like accounting, business law, finance, marketing, statistics, economics etc.

Benefits of Online Classes

Diversity: The primary significance of online courses is the very diversity it offers. Imagine anything you want to learn and it is all available online with an incredible amount of material to help you with.

Interactivity: It gets easier to clarify your doubts, has 1-on-1 discussions with your professor without inhibitions, access their availability and communicates at ease.

Cost-Effective: You save every penny you spend to commute to your University or Study circle otherwise, the cost for classroom space and equipment don’t apply either. 

Customize: Doesn’t matter if you are in your bedroom, at a friend’s house or on the road, you have the flexibility to turn everything into your classroom at your comfort. There is no more need for fixed, crowded locations such as libraries.

There are multiple other benefits such as flexible study hours, unlimited learning long after college and while on job, joining online group discussions, creating/joining study groups, unlimited review of course materials, online quizzes and exams, etc. 

Covid-19 has become a catalyst for educational institutions worldwide to search for innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time. The changes like B-school closures, classes suspension, have certainly caused a degree of inconvenience, but they have also prompted new examples of educational innovation and digitalization truly embracing the ‘learning anywhere, anytime’ concept of digital education.

At Xavier University, Bhubaneswar we strongly believe in contemporary learning methodologies. We have digitalized library resources, excellent IT infrastructure and our own AIS (Academic Information System). Furthermore, we have a state-of-the-art n-tier web enabled application to suit the needs of our University – as part of the Digital University mission.

To learn more about us and the niche areas of study we offer visit our academics section here.

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