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Stepping Stones to Undergraduate Level – Important Life Decision Amidst Lockdown

Stepping Stones to Undergraduate Level – Important Life Decision Amidst Lockdown

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Stepping Stones to Undergraduate Level – Important Life Decision Amidst Lockdown

Academics is India is less of a necessity but more of a basic amenity. In an extremely result-driven, developing country, mainstream jobs are sought after, respected as well as are well paid compared to other eccentric jobs. The Undergraduate Level of Academics in India shapes one’s future in multiple ways possible. However, with the Lockdowns in place, the decision might seem harder than ever.

Any UG Program picked by a student is ultimately good for them, if they are sticking by it and go for the long run. However, abandoning the same midway and switching a stream will make you start the race again, for that respective area of interest. As an example, if someone is pursuing an Undergraduate Level course of Engineering, then moving into the Business Administration in their Master’s stage will make them start again unless they know exactly what they are doing.

With such decisions lying ahead of you, especially in between of a potential economic meltdown pretty much throughout the entire planet, it needs to be sorted out with some brainstorming. Here are the few possible things that you can do to make it easier for yourselves.

Steps to Cover While Picking Your Desired Undergraduate Level Stream

There are some steps that any student can go through before picking their desired Undergraduate Level Stream. If not for some self-introspection, students can also easily find and contact a Career Advisory Support to get their things sorted out. Any career advisory support takes your case as a project and fine-tunes the possibilities that you have based on your interests and skills alike.

With the Coronavirus Lockdowns in place, students, just like everyone, are bound to their homes. There is not a lot that people can do by venturing outside since it is unbelievably dangerous. Using the online services of such Career Advisory Support services or self-introspection is the way to go.

The most common steps any student can go through are as follows:

  • Maintain a Time Table:

Maintaining a time table for not just studies but all the daily activities accentuate anybody’s consistency. Without a time table, things are accomplished randomly which might make you lose track of your end goal as well as the progression.

  • Be specific in picking your goal:

Since Undergraduate Level studies in India carry higher importance than any other normal country, picking the right stream matters the most. This piece of work corresponds to the fact that a person is willing to search for a mainstream job. Otherwise, it is not that necessary.

People willing to start their careers by converting their hobbies into professions must have started their journey from early childhood.

  • Shortlist your desired professions:

Since the UG level is rather career-specific and the end goal is more or less picking careers, you need to shortlist the professions that suit your interests as well as abilities.

  • Identify courses corresponding to this profession:

Based on the professions that you have chosen from the rest, you need to pick the streams and courses to pursue to materialise your dream.

  • Identify colleges that excel in these courses:

Now, unless you are willing to go for that no-degree education from the internet that won’t help you in India in any way, traverse through the list of colleges that deal with the courses that you have your eyes on.

  • Gather entrance and eligibility details for these courses:

With the fabulous gift of an unbelievably high population in India, you need to have the skill of grinding it out. Hence, Entrance Exams and Eligibility Criteria are the need of the hour. Finding the details of these should be easy since Internet Search Engines already know what you want mid-sentence.

  • The study material for these courses:

Getting ready to be the best in the country? You need your arsenal ready and waiting. Lock and load your ammunition of knowledge and fire at the Multiple-choice targets.

  • Take up online study material:

With the lockdowns in place, offline sources of education are pretty much shut for now. Find the best possible books that cover your exams of interest and start grinding.

  • Take professional career counselling help:

As mentioned above, Career Advisory Support is available in almost all the avenues present right now. Do not hesitate in going for professional help. Their insights will make it considerably easier for you.

  • Plan Accordingly without Haste:

Time is moving equally for everyone. There is no need to start racing and making unfortunate mistakes that you are not supposed to. Since this is a global pandemic, it is completely understandable to not make the Lockdown a 100 Percent productive. A lockdown is meant to protect yourself from other human beings, not the elements. Socialising plays a huge role, be it offline or online, along with proper mental health. Hence, you need not worry about anyone downplaying you.

Think accordingly and make your move in your career. Find the right educational institution online and stick to your plans.

About Xavier University Bhubaneswar

With all the lockdown issues in place, Xavier University Bhubaneswar is certainly up for the task. The University’s career advisory services are still operating to support students and graduates during the current crisis.

Careers information, advice and guidance, and many other support services, are available through

  • Online appointments
  • Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Live chats
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook-live streams

With multiple online courses on offer, students can now pick their desired stream and approach accordingly by clearing the respective entrance tests as well as being eligible for it, in the first place.

Xavier University Bhubaneswar offers top ranked specialized programs with a Global, Industry aligned Curriculum, provided by an Eminent and Committed Faculty enriched with Doctorates and Industry Experience. 

The university focuses on maintaining gender diversity, academic diversity and demographic diversity for peer learning and enriched classroom experiences. The University also offers merit scholarships. 

With the right amount of work and setups, anyone can prosper with a Career Advisory Support like Xavier University. Visit us online for more information.

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