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Sustainable Development and Academics – Conservation of the Planet from Within

Sustainable Development and Academics – Conservation of the Planet from Within

Sustainable Development and Academics – Conservation of the Planet from Within

Humanity and the Biosphere have been coexisting for hundreds of thousands of years. Off late, the overexploitation of resources has given birth to a balancing set of rules and information which would help ease the overuse of natural resources known as Sustainable Development. Getting started early through the curriculum is the easiest way to learn the basics – B. Sc in Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development as a career option is growing ever so fast in the Indian subcontinent. With the majority of the population of the world zeroed in, in the possible vicinity, it is reasonably better to make the population aware of the consequences of overexploitation of the planet’s resources and gradually, make them understand how renewable sources of energy can be a part of their life.

The main focus of this course is to make you an understanding human being first, from the POV of nature. Henceforth, you will bear the torch of making people from all walks of life aware regarding the degrading natural resources and enabling the future generations to use the same without facing scarcity.

Sustainable Development Courses in Detail

Sustainable Development as a curriculum option has one of the most unique features. It is an internationally recognized curriculum option that has an incredibly impressive student-teacher ratio of 20:1. This is extremely rare since there’s a lack of teachers in all kinds of streams of education.

The legal and policy frameworks of Sustainable Development are the biggest pieces of information one can gather in a rather simplistic yet articulated way. Negotiations, be it with an individual or an organization based on this very topic is strictly adhered to the foundation of rules and regulations based on the frameworks.

The entire focus would be on the term “Green Development” across all walks of life. To get the maximum out of this, students would spend their time on the campus focusing on this very aspect of Green Development.

The issues ranging from this topic could be local, regional, or international. Based on the priority of these issues according to you, you can master your teamwork skills and lead the interdisciplinary teams to address those accordingly.

Spatial Planning is a keen subject on how to use a given set of land for both humans as well as the biosphere to coexist. To do so, special mapping simulation programs such as the GIS or the Geographical Information System are used. The Sustainable Development Program’s Focus Area, based on the said industry’s requirements, eyes on these few aspects significantly:

  • Human Development
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Public Health
  • Climate Change
  • Waste Management
  • Natural Resource Management

All of these topics are incredibly specific in their regard. Hence, pursuing an even higher level of education in Sustainable Management would require you to pick a particular Focus Area and deliver the goods. The possible career options that one can go ahead with are as follows:

  • Sustainable Reporting & Consulting
  • Environment, Health And Safety
  • Environmental management
  • Climate Change and Resilience development
  • Human Development & Public Health
  • Renewable Energy & Technology
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Each of these specific areas of interest is highly impactful to the society and has its weight when it comes to making a difference for the betterment of the biosphere, and in turn, humanity itself. The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon from South Korea has this impressive quote.

“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship, and strengthen governance.”

About Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

In the World of Education, as well as a raging Global Pandemic, there’s something common to both of these aspects. In simple words, it is the birth of consistency in Online Education. And, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is leaving no stone unturned to make the perfect home for aspiring students.

Sustainable Development, as a curriculum option, is one of the two major courses offered by Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS), one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. This course is designed to help students gain an understanding of how both legal and policy frameworks are an integral part of Sustainable Development and also in acquiring skills on how to work in interdisciplinary teams to address the local, regional, and international sustainability issues that matter. After learning all of the micro as well as the macro skills, students can volunteer in or even be part of developmental projects and research facilities.

For students who are pursuing their courses or will be joining us to avail themselves one of the most specific yet finest curriculum options, they will be going through some of the study as well as co-curriculum options such as:

  • Lecture Sessions
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Group Discussion
  • Joint Productive Activity
  • Field-Based Learning
  • Interaction with Experts and Practitioners

There have been many future superstars who have started their journey with us. Their approach and leadership mindset has landed them at impeccable places, literally and figuratively, throughout the world. Some of our most notable Alumni members are as follows:

  • Ms. Aeindri Sen (B.Sc. S.D. 2016-2019), Studying in University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Ms. Maria Jose (B.Sc. S.D. 2016-2019), Studying in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • Ms. Anwesha Das (B.Sc. S.D. 2016-2019), Studying in IIM Shillong
  • Ms. Ujjwala Shah (B.Sc. S.D. 2016-2019), Studying in The Energy and Resources Institute
  • Ms. Prarthana Chand(B.Sc. S.D. 2016-2019), Studying in MBA SM in Xavier University, Bhubaneshwar

Do you have what it takes to be the next influential leader in the future? Do your Analytical and Leadership skills have in them to check the issues humanity has been facing? Rise to the challenges of the environment and society, by pursuing the coveted B. Sc in Sustainable Development from Xavier University, Bhubaneswar by clicking here.

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