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The Importance of Sustainable Development Course and Crisis Management

The Importance of Sustainable Development Course and Crisis Management

The Importance of Sustainable Development Course

The Importance of Sustainable Development Course and Crisis Management

Human Development and Sustainable development are the two key factors in developmental economics and are vital in the arena of economic, environmental, social and educational activities. Human development and Sustainable development go hand in hand. Human development is essentially what sustainability advocates want to sustain and without sustainability, human development is not true human development. In challenging times like these where COVID-19 is wreaking havoc, in the public health domain and economics fallouts, against developed and developing nations alike, it is vital for nations and hence individuals to take a relook at sustainable models.  

The concept of Human Development and Sustainable Development is the next big thing on the table and Xavier University is one among a very few offering sustainable development courses in India. From human-made threats and disaster to environmental sustainability and community resilience, the Sustainable Development course at Xavier University explores real-world problems and provides its students with skills and knowledge in conceptualizing and addressing the issues related to Disaster Management and Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development creates an inseparable link between people, their wealth and the world they live in. Achieving sustainable development requires an integrated approach to consider both natural and social systems and working at multiple levels of the society to enable productive employment, sustainable consumption, combating climate change, conservation of resources as well as to promote gender equality, sustainable energy production and ending poverty.

Xavier University brings in the first of its kind Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Development which shall train students in a variety of disciplines for taking on future leadership roles in the field of Sustainable Development. This program aims to instil the value of equity, peace, ethical sensitivity that is a prerequisite for creating a future world. 

Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS), one of the constituent schools of Xavier University intends to promote values of greater environmental justice and peace by offering students to specialize in sustainability and increase their in-depth knowledge and skills in core sustainability competencies thereby providing a competitive edge and global advantage to their careers.

Objectives of B.Sc. in Sustainable Development

The objectives include studying the historical, social and political forces in a given area, in-depth knowledge programs on ecology, global warming, climate change, natural resources management, existing laws and governance in relation to all of the above. The program will help in the exhaustive understanding of sustainable energy systems and natural and social sciences correlating with it and learning how to identify, analyse, assess and strategize developmental projects.

The Course Design

The program focuses on offering a holistic knowledge base in relation to human development and sustainability and will focus primarily on the following:

  • Measuring, Reporting of SDGs and Evaluating Programs and Projects.
  • Ecology, Evolution, Global Warming, Sustainable Energy Systems, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management
  • Sustainability, Policies, Laws & Governance
  • Health, Nutrition, Education, Water and Waste Management
  • Principles of Sustainable Economic Development
  • Science, Environment, Technology & Society

Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS) employs multiple interactive teaching methods that include lectures, case studies, group discussions, expert interaction and two mini-research projects in the 2nd and 3rd years to enable micro-study on topics of interest. Students will also have the facility of one capstone project of two months duration at the end of the course which is more of an experiential project dealing with a real-world scenario. 

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