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Urban Management and Governance – An Unexplored MBA Branch One Must Explore

Urban Management and Governance – An Unexplored MBA Branch One Must Explore

Urban Management and Governance

Urban Management and Governance – An Unexplored MBA Branch One Must Explore

Society is a dynamic part of human life. Without the same, the rate of development can never reach its heights. Currently, the urban lifestyle is something that’s growing significantly. Making the best of the same has one specific way – Urban Management and Governance.

Urbanizing is a concept that has picked up pace over the past couple of centuries. Not necessarily the greatest thing that man has invented, but the change in surroundings and the overhaul of the vicinity created the best chance possible for our society to move ahead of certain crude aspects.

Urbanization has a soul that specifically depends on how humans are going to make use of the resources in a modern way possible and reduce the amount of hassle they would be facing in acquiring some of the basic amenities.

The key factors that can be handled with the help of Urban Management and Governance are as follows:

  • Management
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Policy
  • Governance

Lives of people crammed within a concrete jungle didn’t appease a lot of people from the countryside, however, the fast-paced life did give everyone a chance to redeem themselves and make a fruitful living in a short period. The role of administration here is extremely important.

How Urban Management and Governance Resolves Issues

One of the biggest concerns of any municipality or township is to evade immediate issues the people residing within the premises are facing. With a considerable amount of work and some skillful planning, it can be achieved rather easily.

Urban Management focuses purely on cities, towns, and quickly urbanizing places, as the name suggests. The most basic things it sets its eyes upon are:

  • Finance
  • Development
  • Management

These are the three steps essentially needed to address any sort of problem, be it social, economic, or ethical. 

First up, the basic necessity to handle an urban settlement is money, of course. With the right amount of money, anything can be taken into consideration as far as the said Urban settlement is concerned. The money would help administrations buy or lease in resources to shape up the locality. Without the same, neither the people nor the governments can function successfully.

Secondly, development takes the spot in enhancing the premises. As a concept, development focuses on all aspects. The physical part of development eyes on the infrastructure and planned use of space for driving everything forwarded. After the same, it is all about keeping the populace mentally stable with amusement options and parks for relieving stress.

And finally, after everything is achieved to a basic level, in the finances and development front, it is all about managing the money, the infrastructure, and the people all at once. People, individually, don’t necessarily excel in having the greatest foresight. For the same, governments are essential.

All of these steps are possible with ease with the help of urban management and governance. Making people understand the same right from the college level helps grow administrators for the future.

About Xavier University Bhubaneswar

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is India’s first Jesuit university, approved by the Government of Odisha in 2013. With exceptional infrastructure, both physical as well as digital, paired with an able set of faculty members, the aspirants are in for a fabulous time in the educational institution as well as the future.

Having its eyes set on the immediate future right now with the raging Global Pandemic issue, online classes are the sweet deal. Without any major hindrances, continuing the curriculum has never been easier. With major reforms, both in physical infrastructure, as well as government policies underway, Urban Management and Governance, gives students the best chance of exploring one of the fastest-growing sectors available.

Keeping up with the pace of the curriculum, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar provides these facilities to its students who are continuing their courses in the lockdowns:

  • Facebook and Zoom Live Streams
  • YouTube Video Lectures
  • Digital Library
  • PDF Documents and Notes etc.

Xavier School of Human Settlements, one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar aims to develop, transfer, and propagate knowledge about building sustainable, smart & tenantable cities. Through professional education and capability development, it proposes to create expertise for urban development. 

The school envisages preparing sector-ready city managers increasingly needed by:

  • Urban development and planning organizations
  • Urban local bodies
  • Consulting organizations working with state, national and local authorities
  • Businesses involved in urban development

The planning and management of inhabitable, sustainable, and smart cities have large-scale public and environmental implications and require sector-specific expertise to ensure appropriate citizen-centric, just, and ecologically sustainable development.

Making a career in Urban Management and Governance has never been more relevant and convenient. Visit Xavier University, Bhubaneswar to apply now.

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