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What are the best post-graduation courses available in Odisha?

What are the best post-graduation courses available in Odisha?

What are the best post-graduation courses available in Odisha?

The Best PG Programs To Pick From In Odisha

Post-graduation courses are meant to refine your knowledge and skills in the respective streams that you pick. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar eyes towards shaping the future of students with highly efficient PG programs.

The options are diverse, and the scope of success is endless. By picking up the best PG programs, you drive down the lane of success with excellent skills and knowledge in hand.

List Of Top PG Courses Available In Odisha

If you are searching for the best PG courses in Odisha, then you must walk through the doors of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. Choose from the best of PG programs to shape your future with the expert guidance from Xavier University’s faculty members.

Here are some of the top PG programs available for you at Xavier University:

MBA In Business Management

This MBA Program is designed to develop a holistic perspective about an organization and gain knowledge of various business functions and skills. They would also learn to work in teams and effectively communicate in oral and written form. The program aims to develop strong analytical skills among the students coupled with awareness of social and ethical responsibility.

MBA In Human Resource Management

The MBA-HRM is a two-year full-time residential program with a sharp focus on “People Management” in the emerging knowledge economy. It is designed to develop highly competent human resource professionals by imparting the knowledge, skills and experience essential for managing human resources in an organization.

MBA In Rural Management

This Program is designed as an “MBA-plus” program, and provides a robust management education plus an intensive understanding of the rural context, communities, markets and opportunities. Students are therefore especially equipped to: Understand, analyse and address complex problems in rural markets; develop and implement livelihood development and social change strategies, and design, incubate and nurture social enterprises. The curriculum helps them decipher the complex and go beyond the obvious; the hallmarks of our graduates are knowledge, discipline, versatility and creativity.

MBA in Sustainability Management

In keeping with the challenge of building a better corporate business and aiming to attain the goal of sustainable business and also facing the challenge of building a better society with the aim of creating a sustainable community, this Program MBA in Sustainability Management aims to equip students with values of Sustainability and how to manage Sustainability in creating a future world of the 21st century which deeply connects business and society.

MBA In Urban Management & Governance

The MBA-UMG, a 2-year, full-time residential Program aims to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills to develop and run sustainable and adaptive cities and city systems.
It brings together the relevant knowledge, techniques and tools from the fields of Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Policy and Governance. The curriculum is designed to meet the specific management expertise required by agencies involved in the financing, development and management of cities, towns and rapidly urbanizing peripheries.

EMBA- Business Management

This one-year full-time Executive MBA program is specifically designed for working executives and practising managers and is as rigorous as the two-year full-time MBA program. The program consists of 4 Terms, and the participants will be in the campus for about one academic year.

Master of Business Finance

Master of Business Finance is a specialized 2-year, full-time program which aims at helping students sharpen their conceptual as well as analytical skills in the areas of financial decision-making. The course curriculum includes two sets of elective specializations – “Banking and Insurance”, and “Finance”. In addition to this, the program covers immersion courses on current issues, seminars, workshops and interaction with industry experts.

Master in Urban and Regional Planning

This is an innovative and relevant Planning Program, in tune with prevailing national and international perspectives and approaches to urban and regional planning and development. Foregrounding participatory and developmental approaches, integrated considerations of equity and ecological sustainability, end-to-end solutions, and citizen-centered and inclusive planning, this program is geared to developing Planners for a sustainable and just future.

M.Tech. In Data Science & Analytics

This is a unique program for those who are interested in shaping and creating a future world where AI and Machine Learning, Natural Language processing, and business intelligence are providing opportunities and competitive advantages. It will empower the students with Data Science skills and competencies. The students will acquire the following skills: Research Design, Data Cleansing, Data Engineering, Data Mining and Exploring, Data Visualization, Information Analytics, Ethics and Privacy, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Communicating Results, and many others.

The programme is designed to educate data science leaders and help them earn a professional degree. The programme features a multidisciplinary curriculum in computer science, statistics, management and law.

MA in Mass Communication

The Program offers a hands-on approach that allows students to experience the full range of technical expertise, conceptual skills and artistic expression that are required to become accomplished practitioners of the electronic media and teachers.

Through a comprehensive education in extensive production skills (in Photography, Radio, T.V. and Film) and theoretical knowledge, the Program encourages the students to adopt a creative, professional and scholarly approach to media practices. The graduates of the Xavier University could distinguish themselves in a diversity of media-related careers as television producers, feature film directors, documentary filmmakers, reporters, editors, camerapersons, production designers, scriptwriters, teachers, and scholars.

Master in Economics

This program aims to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and advanced technical skills in Economics that will equip them for high profile jobs and competitive edge in a variety of professions and inculcate research capabilities in economics and related disciplines.

Master in Public Policy and Governance

This two-year program has been designed in association with renowned global experts to offer a degree of global standards to participants, and to set them on a higher trajectory of professional and academic growth in the public policy arena.

Participants will also have the option of spending 10-weeks at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs to gain additional global exposure to public affairs scholarship and practices.


These are the PG programs offered by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. These programs are highly preferable amongst the youth in the present era. Xavier University aspires to lead the country in management education by focusing on research and innovation. The intellectual capital rankings of this University in the country are consistently high. Aspirants who want to enhance their skills with a master’s degree can contact the University to know the admission details for the same. For more information, you can get in touch with one of the consultants today!

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