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A Journalism Degree – Direct Ticket to the Masses

A Journalism Degree – Direct Ticket to the Masses

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A Journalism Degree – Direct Ticket to the Masses

Human Beings and being in touch with their own is a thing since time immemorial. It is one aspect of life that keeps on changing from time to time. The ways of interacting and sharing information have shaped the way to progress. From smoke signals in forests to a Journalism Degree, sharing ideas, facts and information matter the most among humans.

There are multiple ways where people can make it clear about their intentions, ideologies, and ideas with one another. Sometimes, in a society, a group of people want to convey something to the higher-ups. However, communication is never really efficient if a lot of people are involved.

Sharing the ideas of this particular group to other humans is also difficult without the correct medium. This is where the field of Journalism comes into the picture. Journalism on a whole is all about sharing valuable information about people to people in the most simplistic way possible.

Making a career out of it is certainly challenging and has its list of pros and cons. However, depending on the current situation, it can be said that Journalism is having a rough outing. Here is how someone with an interest in the said field can make a difference.

A Journalism Degree and A Global Pandemic – Deadly Duo?

Now, we all know that planet Earth is not necessarily having the greatest of times. Human beings are suffering, both biologically as well as economically, thanks to COVID-19. The virus has wreaked havoc among everyone possible. In such a situation, people are considerably scared and want to have the perfect piece of information before venturing into anything.

Any piece of news information that is being broadcasted to them is similar to gold dust. With the rise of the Internet, it is way too easy to know about stuff all around the world on your fingertips in a matter of seconds. Now, as the supply of content increases, so does the doubt whether this news is legitimate or not.

Differentiating real news and fake news has become a thing of beauty off late. People with different ideologies are having trouble agreeing with each other, simply because of what they are being dished out in the form of news information.

However, it is something that the Best Journalism College in India won’t teach you. It is all about survival in this particular juncture. Making your headline shine out, compared to others is meaningful. But compromising on delivering the real news should never be tolerated.

Any Journalism Degree won’t teach the students regarding managing their skills as well as their time to frame the finest news piece that the print or electronic media has ever seen. It is all about optimizing your work and making the best possible piece which will be helpful for people.

Being the Fourth Pillar of Democracy is not a small task. However, not delivering the real variant of news to people, who essentially form the society and have the power to make or break the government, can certainly lead to low co-operation, productivity, and overall balance among everyone. Peace and Harmony aren’t just social constructs. Those should be the way of our lives.

About Xavier University Bhubaneswar

Xavier University Bhubaneswar is considered to be one of the finest universities when it comes to unbelievably specific educational courses and impressive infrastructure to support the same. With the CoronaVirus Lockdowns in place and overall chaos, as far as social gatherings are concerned, Xavier University Bhubaneswar was one of the first Universities in Odisha to launch a full-fledged online education programme.

Depending on the type of subjects that one has chosen, they can avail information and important notes regarding their streams through a multitude of services such as:

  • Facebook Live Streams
  • YouTube Video Lessons
  • Twitter and Instagram Posts, Stories and Reminders etc.

Xavier School of Communications (XCOMM), one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, is a state-of-the-art high-quality media school, aimed at training the students for the media industry on professional lines. The School houses a professional audio studio that uses Studio Pro with Presonus, with online video production facilities.XCOMM was set up with the mission to empower the aspiring youths who join XCOMM to be ethically sensitive, innovative and skillful media professionals contributing to global peace and harmony. In the process, it also strives to promote progressive trends in the area of communications and research and envisages students to communicate life to people across the world.

Are you willing to go for an exceptional Journalism Degree and make a difference to society? Then visit Xavier University Bhubaneswar and be the bright star rising to shine in everyone’s skies.

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