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LLB as a Career in India – Upholding Justice and Managing Jarred Social Situations

LLB as a Career in India – Upholding Justice and Managing Jarred Social Situations

LLB as a Career in India

LLB as a Career in India – Upholding Justice and Managing Jarred Social Situations

There are multiple career options that anyone in India can go ahead with. However, when it comes to the echelon, three specific ones take the biggest chunk of the cake as far as the attention is concerned: Engineers, Doctors and Lawyers. LLB as a career option has been extremely popular and sought after since the last stages of British India itself, i.e. Early 20th Century.

Taking Engineering and Medicine aside, the game of protecting Law and Order primarily rests on two pillars, the Police as well as the Judiciary. The judiciary certainly has its work cut out where it has to take care of multiple factors before pushing in a certain judgement against the convicted ones. The police take care of the rest accordingly.

However, as simple as it sounds, the LLB course provides a wide variety of opportunities for aspirants. There are different types of law protecting jobs that a qualified law expert can throw their hands into. Here are some of the ones mentioned, especially in India.

LLB and Life – Same side of Different Coins

Now, some people don’t like to be associated with law procedures in any way possible. Be it some sort of paranoia of the entire thing or just a clear sense of distancing that they practice, there is no clear justification.

However, no matter what your stance is, you are closer to a law expert than you think you are. Challenging and taking care of certain situations in life, especially in society needs that level of expertise which only a qualified law expert can provide, coming from the best law colleges in India.

The different sectors that a lawyer can indulge themselves in is crazy. The notable ones in India where a law expert’s service would be needed, be it for the government or a private organisation, are as follows:

  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • Legal Analyst
  • Document Drafting Lawyer
  • Legal Journalist
  • Legal Advisor
  • Law Teacher
  • Government Lawyer
  • Judge etc.

As you can see, one type of job mentioned above is significantly different from the other. In certain cases, you have to take care of a single individual and the details that they have to show. In other situations, you have to deal with organisations that have multiple types of issues lingering around themselves, be it from an individualistic standpoint or concerning another company. 

From teaching in colleges, working with NGOs to exploring other legal fields, there are a plethora of opportunities for law graduates, which are not restricted to just practicing as an advocate in court or corporate firms. LLB graduates can enter three major organs of the Government— Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

With the seemingly troubled situation right now, thanks to COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) and major globalisation bound situations, India needs legal support in the biggest ways possible. Dealing with contractual obligations has never been more impactful than it is right now.

Accordingly, any aspirant needs to check what type of legal support they will be able to provide based on their interests, skills and expertise in a certain field. Henceforth, they can make the move and make their knowledge viable for countless companies, organisations, or even the government itself.

About Xavier University Bhubaneswar

Xavier University Bhubaneswar is a key cog in the wheel of education as far as Odisha is concerned. With exemplary facilities in the form of world-class infrastructure, sturdy curriculum patterns and eminent faculty members with doctorate degree and industry experience, aspirants have a feel day at actualising their dreams and goals in their respective fields.

Xavier Law School (XLS), one of the constituent Schools of Xavier University Bhubaneswar was established to educate, train and develop preciously talented young persons to socially responsible law professionals. The school equipped with digitally-enabled modern Moot Court Hall and e-Pathsala imbibe academic excellence through rigorous teaching, scholarly research and innovative application of knowledge.

With the CoronaVirus lockdowns in place and general changes in the patterns of how an educational institution must function, certain changes were implemented within a span of a few weeks to make it considerably hassle-free for the students and the aspirants alike.

The biggest option to consider has to be the continuation of the curriculum through online education. Giving timely lessons to students without breaking the flow would ensure everyone is on the same page through various media such as:

  • Facebook and Zoom Live streams of Classes
  • Instagram and Twitter Updates
  • YouTube video lectures
  • Transfer of important PDF and other documents
  • Availability of the Digital Library etc.

Make the best of your opportunity in the field of LLB or Law in the current lockdowns at Xavier, University Bhubaneswar and progress ahead of everyone without any visible hiccups or potential, career-threatening breaks. Visit Xavier University, Bhubaneswar for more information.

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