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Public Policy and Making a Life out of it – Undervalued Academic Choice

Public Policy and Making a Life out of it – Undervalued Academic Choice

Public Policy and Making a Life out of it – Undervalued Academic Choice

Making lives and living easier has been the motto of society since time immemorial. With whatever resources, time, and effort are put in, administrative authorities are always in the mix of making lives better for everyone. The entire set of processes make up the term Public Policy. Public Policy is all about planning and implementing what can be better for a set number of people in a particular area.

For any random person, this might sound unbelievably complicated. However, public policy revolves around three specific types of avenues that need to be administered. Those are as follows:

  • Scientific Evidence
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Political Will

Having Public Policy as a career choice feels like a new challenge right now. The scope of public policy, especially in a country like India, has its repercussions. No matter what, countering all of those, aspirants have the chance to rise the ranks in a matter of a couple of years.

Masters in Public Policy – Understanding from the Basics

There are multiple sectors of information that are taken into consideration as far as a Masters in Public Policy is concerned. It is a combination of areas such as Public Administration, Political Science, Ethics, and Environmental Education. Bits and pieces of everything come into the picture since it advocates about how life can be made simpler with whatever resources are available.

The most common areas that one needs to be wary of before getting themselves rolled into Public Policy are:

  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Engineering (optional)

There are no hard and fast rules which say that aspirants need to be absolute legends in these topics. However, just some outside knowledge would do wonders. Students develop quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, receive exposure to the real-world policymaking process, and enhance their managerial skills. The subjects that students would be studying while going for their Master in Public Policy Program would focus on the fields of:

  • Ethics
  • Policy Management
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Governance
  • Constitution
  • Health
  • Urban Development
  • Land and Environment 
  • Business Management etc.

Let’s talk about the specific set of avenues that are needed to have a great ecosystem: Scientific Evidence, Social Infrastructure, and Political Will. First of all, Scientific Evidence is extremely needed in this day and age. Moving past the Medieval Age where any unverified claim could be taken into consideration is not the thing right now.

With thorough investigation and fruitful research behind it, any scheme or plan needs to be thought out and implemented carefully. This will lead to less number of blunders in the future. Social Infrastructure comes in second place. Social Infrastructure can be explained as the construction and maintenance that support services dedicated to the Public such as Healthcare, Education, Public Facilities, and Transportation

And finally, using these two the Political Will from a certain set of parties or one party is carried out. Political Will is all about assuring the crowd on how these policies will make life easier for everyone

About Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is one of the finest Universities from Odisha which specializes in providing quality education in many special streams. Paired with an impeccable set of faculty members as well as great infrastructure, leading the successful future stars to glory

Handled by the management that takes care of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, one of the best B-Schools in the country, it’s safe to say that Xavier University, Bhubaneswar has its eyes set on being on top of everything. There have been multiple changes to the approach right now

With a raging Global Pandemic at our doorsteps, providing education has been a big hassle everywhere. However, Xavier University planned the same and began its classes online as soon as the lockdowns came into the picture.

The various media used by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar to stay relevant to the curriculum are:

  • Zoom and Facebook Live Streams
  • PDF Documents Files
  • YouTube Video Lectures
  • Instagram and Facebook Posts as Alerts
  • A Flourishing Digital Library
  • Multiple Subscription Services such as Bloomberg etc.

With all of these in place, it has been a successful venture where the entire world has come to a standstill. Making great use of time and resources is what Public Policy is all about.

School of Governance and Public Affairs (SPGA) was established in 2019 with a three-fold Vision i.e. to build a knowledge hub on Governance, Policy Research and Analysis, and inspiring Transformative Leadership, to Create Innovation Platforms in Public Sectors, in Government, and Social Sectors and build Tomorrow’s Leadership and be the light for the world. The school aims to bring global standards of education in public policy studies to the country

This program has been designed by Xavier University in association with renowned global experts to offer a degree of global standards to participants and to set them on a higher trajectory of professional and academic growth in the public policy arena. 2-year full-time Program leading to the award of a Degree. The first year is dedicated to the study of 16 Core Courses listed below. These courses are delivered over two Semesters. In the second year, participants work on a Capstone Project and a Case Study, apart from a Dissertation. Participants will also have the option of spending 10-weeks at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs to gain additional global exposure to public affairs scholarship and practices.

Visit Xavier University, Bhubaneswar to apply online for the Master in Public Policy Program.

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