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Scope of M.Tech. in Data Science & Analytics

Scope of M.Tech. in Data Science & Analytics

Scope of M.Tech. in Data Science & Analytics

If your dream is to become a professional data scientist and analyst, it’s essential to choose the best program to give the perfect start to your career. And this is where you can trust Xavier University, Bhubaneswar as its School of Computer Science and Engineering offers an industry-specific MTech-DSA program.

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is one of India’s premier institutes that offers quality education to students to help them have a better future. Students interested in creating a bright career in data science can opt for M. Tech in Data Science & Analytics offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering. The program will empower the students with advanced Data Science and Analytics skills while working on real-world research papers and projects.

The 2-year full-time program is supported by multidisciplinary faculty to make professionals adept in Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. The program is carefully curated to have a perfect balance between practical learning and functional knowledge. Data Science and Analytics combine Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Programming, and Mathematics. After completing the course, students will acquire crucial skills like Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Research Design, Statistical Analysis, Information Analytics, and more. Besides, they will have all the necessary practical and functional knowledge in Programming and Statistical Methods for Data Science along with Data Scrapping and Data Wrangling.

If you’re still confused whether you should opt for the M. Tech in Data Science & Analytics program or not, here is a brief on the program’s scope to help you decide better.

Future Prospects of doing MTech-DSA

As of 2019, around 98,000 data analytics posts were vacant in India, and the primary reason behind this is the lack of professional and skilled data scientists and analytics.

  • Massive career opportunities

After pursuing M. Tech in Data Science and Analytics, students will have many options in different areas. They will enjoy better career prospects in Data Cloud, Insurance, Bank, IT Companies, Telecom, Insurance, IT Analyst, Software Programmer, Software Designer, Database Administrator, Technical Analyst, Network Administrator, and more. A career in M. Tech-DSA will give you 100 percent job security for the next 10 to 15 years.

Different studies have revealed that more than 70 percent of well-known companies consider data analytics crucial for the business’s growth. As a data analytics professional, you will analyze a vast database to develop critical business insights. So, in organizations, data scientists and analytics are a top priority. Data scientists are now helping companies understand the target customer, market conditions, and business risk. Therefore, after completion of the program, you can expect a highly-paid job at reputed organizations across the globe.

  • Makes students eligible to engage in the new positions

Xavier University’s M. Tech in Data Science & Analytics program offers students the required skills, knowledge, expertise, and technology to pursue a successful and bright career with a significant number of job vacancies. You can opt for Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Administrator, Business Intelligence Manager, and more.

Eligibility for M. Tech-DSA

  • You are required to have a UG degree in B.E/B.Tech, M. Sc. or MCA. and MBA degree with at least 55% marks in aggregate.
  • Students with an M.Sc. degree with the right level of knowledge in Mathematics or Statistics with coding knowledge can also apply. 
  • Final year students, who will complete their course by 15th June 2021, can apply for this program. 


So, what’s holding you back? Check your eligibility for this program and apply now! M. Tech in Data Science & Analytics at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar can help give your career the perfect start in becoming a proficient data scientist and analyst.

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