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Why Xavier University Bhubaneswar is the Right Choice For B.Com Course

Why Xavier University Bhubaneswar is the Right Choice For B.Com Course

Why Xavier University Bhubaneswar is the Right Choice For B.Com Course

Bachelor’s degree for Commerce provides students with excellent managerial knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines such as economics, marketing, trading, eCommerce, retailing, etc. Xavier University stands out among top commerce colleges in India in providing outclass standards of education and cultivating best industry practices among students. It is therefore important to know why a B.Com at Xavier University could be the best choice if you are looking for a career in commerce.

Prior to that let’s examine why you should choose to make a career in B.Com. Arguments on other career options might loom large which are more specific to the industry, such as integrated courses specific to job roles like Business Law or Corporate Finance. A degree in commerce, however, roots deep into the fundamentals of business and in general consensus, get you ready for any stream thereon.

Benefits of Opting B.Com

The program enables the students to acquire in-depth knowledge on subjects like accounting, business law, finance, marketing, statistics, economics etc.

i) Career Options

B.com offers a promising career in front of you. The reason – it covers all aspects and fundamentals of commerce and trade. With multiple elective subjects and facility to concentrate on one core affair, it leads to specialization and you are free to select your own. Finance and Accounting specialization, for instance, ensures you are more focussed on them and collect knowledge on other subjects as an auxiliary. Two most important reasons for choosing B.Com might be its high employability and numerous career options.

Following are a few career options that precisely fit into this domain: Statistician, Company Secretary, Tax Consultant, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Warehouse Manager, Rural and Agricultural commerce, etc.

ii) Professional Opportunities

Professionals with a Commerce background tend to be familiar with all aspects of management levels. It not only offers the opportunity for students to acquire a great deal of knowledge on commerce but also to implement them in multiple scenarios. It enables the students to be future-ready for entrepreneurship, same as it cultures them to start off as job holders in specialist roles. Because the subjects coach them into starting a business as much as it trains them to take expert responsibilities as job seekers.

Why Xavier University Bhubaneswar?

Beyond the argument of incredibly large options for career choices in commerce, the facility where you are coached matters to a great extent too! Xavier University Bhubaneswar is designed to cater its students the best facilities during the program. Along with a grand campus, it offers an array of opportunities to hone additional skills and help you keep updated with the latest that is going on around. Its multi-dimensional offerings help students come out with a greater advantage over others.

The University aims at preparing highly skilled and talented commerce, business and finance professionals, who can contribute to the growth of the economy through advanced knowledge and skills while evaluating and analyzing the complexities of businesses and other financial institutions.

Course Details

At Xavier University Bhubaneswar the Bachelor of Commerce program consists of six semesters spread over 3 years where each academic session consists of two semesters which are approximately 5 months long. The courses are designed to keep the students on their toes while preparing for the finals. The University offers honours programs in both Accounting and Finance.

For more information on the details of the course, eligibility, admission procedure, selection process and salient features go to the details page here!

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