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Xavier University : A Great Place to Study in tune with the New Education Paradigm

Xavier University : A Great Place to Study in tune with the New Education Paradigm

Xavier University : A Great Place to Study in tune with the New Education Paradigm

Pursuing an MBA degree will no doubt bring your career to further heights especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis presents itself as a wake-up call for all professionals to yearn for continuous growth despite all odds. However, you also have to consider which institution would provide you with better leverage and better experiences that will indeed prove itself useful as you move forward towards professional development. 

If you are looking for an MBA program that provides meaningful, relevant, and innovative experiences that are at par even with international practices, Xavier University will be your best choice. What makes it an ideal university for you to attend centres on providing its students with a “transformative experience” bordered on social relevance and a commitment to uphold community development. In this way, Xavier University proves itself as among the topmost recognized universities in India in terms of producing graduates of high calibre. 

Elaborating further on the notion of transformative experiences, Xavier University commits itself to the endeavour of being at the forefront of the country’s aspirations to push towards improving human life in various aspects. The University provides respective merit to their declared cause and houses constituent schools within its systems to focus on each respective discipline. 

The University offers Doctoral programs (Full time with Scholarship, Part time); several MBA programs (BM, HRM, RM, SM, UMG); One-Year Full-Time Executive Master’s Program in Business Management; several Master programs (Business Finance, Urban & Regional Planning, Data Science & Analytics, Mass Communication, Public Policy).

Exploring Academia

Xavier University is rooted from the legacy of their premiere world-class B-school in India, Xavier Institute of Business Management (XIMB). XIMB is acknowledged internationally as a world class business school which provides quality management programmes and develops futuristic managers with strong ethics and values. XIMB had been conceived with a vision to be recognized as a world class learning Institution while redefining education in the new age through creation of aptitude and comprehensive intelligence, and implementation of socio-economic development projects in collaboration with international agencies and the Government. 

Taking its inspiration from Saint Francis Xavier, a Jesuit scholar whose name this University is privileged to take as its own, Xavier University strives to become a globally recognized center of learning and of service to the people. It seeks to become the leader as a Research oriented University that generates knowledge and diffuses it for the benefit of all.

XIMB has worked its reputation by building and pursuing paths towards exploring various knowledge systems provided by various scholastic disciplines. This allowed the University to continuously expand while bearing the ties and the commitments it has to the immediate and neighbouring communities that they aim to develop in the near future. 

This same principle is applied even to the academic community it developed throughout time. Attention to study is integrated with goals toward innovation, service to society, and growth. In that way, Xavier University will have a guaranteed roster of leaders and nation-builders who are competent, recognized, and successful in their respective fields. This commitment to academia is further magnified by the relevance and quality of community research and relevant publications it produces as a University. Research is focused in terms of providing scientific viewpoints that will pave ways toward innovation, which is why Xavier University chooses to develop this as both an academic pursuit and curation of meaningful and relevant experiences, combining both theory and practice in the process of it.

Meaningful Campus, Meaningful Communities

At Xavier University we believe that student learning could be best achieved when provided with healthy and meaningful campus life and a reputable academic community. 

The XIMB campus is located on 20 acres of verdant land at Xavier Square, Bhubaneswar. The University campus is located on 35 acres of land at Kurki-Nijigarh under Pipli Tehsil (at a distance of 20 km from XIMB campus, and 12 km from the Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik International Airport). The entire Wi-Fi enabled, and solar powered campuses house the faculty residences, office complex, library and computer center complex, class room complex, auditorium complex, residences for boys, girls, and executive programme participants. The University stresses upon collaborations with industry experts and practitioners, who are invited for guest lectures, leadership talks, and thus the students get opportunities to update themselves on latest industry practices. 

With academic activities round-the-clock, the students are expected to live on the campus for enriching their learning experience and campus life. There are separate residences for boys and girls.

Being a research-driven institution, the University strives to provide students with a community that actively engages with the external environment and social reality. This ensures that students remain socially-relevant individuals that will, in the future, be leading the way towards societal advances and the improvement of human life.

The University also takes close precaution over the security of every member of its academic community. Fully-equipped with CCTV cameras, the campus ensures that students, as well as other members of its community, will be provided with a guarantee of a peaceful learning environment. Studying in a place of serenity immerses one into deeper focus, allowing for higher-levels of academic performance. This is exactly what the University wants to achieve – developing a meaningful, secure, and socially-active campus that meets the needs of students for them to enjoy the best quality of its services.

Conducive Learning Environments

There are reasons why the University has sharpened its edge over the years. Learning transcends the mundane and becomes a life changing experience when it happens in a picturesque locale, assisted by the most qualified teachers. The university focuses on maintaining gender diversity, academic diversity and demographic diversity for peer learning and enriched classroom experiences. The university has been pushing itself to reach the top slot with its diversity of teaching methodology with 15:1 student-faculty ratio. With close connection with industry, the University has been able to get the best of visiting faculty, and also top and prominent industry recruiters. 125+ companies participated in the placement program. In order to develop business managers with skills and competencies required to meet the global challenges, the University has developed an extensive international network for collaboration with many international business schools.

A transparent bond with the faculties outside the classroom puts in their very best to make the University a great place to live in and learn. 

When it comes to choosing an MBA degree, the only thing that would define you as a distinguished graduate of the university will be your experience. As much as possible, we want to provide our students with enough avenues for learning in order for them to explore their respective fields in their very unique ways, and to achieve an even higher level of integrity and stature that would define them as professionals. In this endeavour, Xavier University commits itself to provide services that directly respond to real-life situations and to produce competent and well-equipped graduates to face these societal ills head-on. 

The experiences you will be acquiring from the academic community will be focal in terms of how well you adapt to various workplace paradigms, and how well you are able to provide solutions as a company asset, a manager, or any other figure that would indeed place you in a position of authority. By integrating social relevance in academia, Xavier University endeavours for its continuous improvement as a nationally and globally recognized institution, fulfilling its legacy along with the community it continues to nurture and develop. 

Our community prides itself in the commitment to carve our University brand in stone, and to be identified as an institution that grounds itself on the tenets of innovation, value for human life, and the will that comes in improving it for the better.

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